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Velshi: Protesting for change


The conviction of Derek Chauvin was a reflection of a changing consciousness - something brought about, in part, by almost a year of constant protest. Protest works. It changes things. It gave America Independence, it got women the right to vote, it achieved the Civil Rights Act, and it led the country to understand that police brutality against Black People has to end. Protest also got us Earth Day, and widespread recognition that human activity causes environmental degradation, and human activity can change that. The last year has been about social justice, police brutality, voting rights, equality. It was also one of the warmest years on record, with major hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters threatening those across the globe. Guaranteeing everyone clean air, clean water and a livable planet is, also, social justice. And just like communities of color are getting the short end of the stick on policing and voting - so, too, are they bearing the brunt of environmental degradation.