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Velshi: Our seedy love affair with fossil fuels will be the death of this planet


Hurricane Ida will go down in history as one of the most impactful hurricanes to ever hit America. And it is a prime example of a natural event made more dangerous by the climate crisis. These weather events are not new -- we’ve had flooding and hurricanes since the world began. But it’s the increasing strength and the frequency of these events that are concerning. Human-made climate change is exacerbating extreme weather. It’s time to admit the cold, hard truth: that our seedy love affair with fossil fuels and the oil industry will be the death of all of us. Or the death of our planet, which is the same thing. The science is clear that the burning of oil, gas and coal is quite literally setting the earth on fire. We all use oil. We need it to drive cars, travel on airplanes, produce heat and so much more. That’s what makes this a difficult discussion to have. But there is not a world in which we mitigate the effects of the climate crisis without fundamentally changing our relationship to fossil fuels.