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Velshi: Democrats leaned on the power of Black voters in 2020. Where’s their reward?


Thanks to record Black voter turnout, the Democratic party now controls the House, Senate and the White House for the first time in over a decade. 2020 exit polls found that Joe Biden won the Black vote in a landslide -- taking 88%, while Donald Trump only pulled in 11%. The political power of Black Americans was virtually unmatched in 2020. Democrats could sense it. They leaned on it. So, one would assume after all of that, that Democratic lawmakers would spare no effort to protect that constituency from the numerous injustices that routinely come their way. That’s not exactly how it’s going. Black Americans know what’s at stake, and many are willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what, to right this wrong. But they wonder why more isn’t being done to thwart this attack on voting rights. There is something Democratic lawmakers can do that’s fully within their ability: get rid of the Senate filibuster and pass federal voting rights legislation.