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Velshi: Covering up the insurrection is the Bigger Lie. And it’s worse.


We are witnessing an active cover-up on Capitol Hill. The leaders of the Republican party are no longer just playing dumb when it comes to the January 6th insurrection - they are openly trying to mask a deadly attack on our democracy. America deserves a non-partisan investigation into the events that took place on January 6th, by lawmakers who won’t derail the inquiry with nonsense and distractions. Because January 6th wasn’t a normal tourist visit. It wasn’t a peaceful protest and it definitely wasn’t BLM or Antifa, as Republicans would have you believe. The United States Capitol was breached by insurrectionists. The Vice President’s life was threatened. Cops were beaten. Blood was shed. And anyone who says we shouldn’t get to the bottom of this...well, you’re complicit in one of the ugliest stains on American history.