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Retired Police Captain on having “the talk” with her Black sons


What happened to George Floyd is every Black parent's worst nightmare: their child getting unjustly hassled by police. Sonia Pruitt is a retired captain with the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department, founder of the Black Police Experience, and the mother to two young black men. She discusses the fear she feels for her two sons that is compounded by the threat of police. She says, “how your child dresses, how they wear their hair, the brown, chocolate, vanilla, blackness of their skin, they are not to blame for that...We inherit this emotional trauma. It comes from slavery all the way through all of our ancestors up to us now.” As a Black parent, she feels the necessity to be candid with her kids about the country’s realities when it comes to race and policing, but says the conversation is evolving as we all become “more aware of where the hurt comes from and where the responsibility lies.”