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Michael Cohen: Placating Trump’s behavior only emboldens him


A bombshell New York Times report says former President Donald Trump wanted to make a deal with the National Archives – exchange a batch of sensitive documents sitting at Mar-a-Lago for material related to the FBI's investigation into his 2016 campaign ties to Russia. In effect, exchanging government property for other government property. His aides never carried out the plan, according to the New York Times. In another major development, the Washington Post revealed that Trump asked his lawyer, Alex Cannon, to tell the National Archives that Trump had already returned all of the documents they were seeking. Cannon refused to convey the message for Trump because he was not sure it was true. It turned out, in fact, not to be true as Trump still had thousands of documents, including some highly classified ones, according to publicly-released inventories from the Justice Department. Chasing Trump for top secret documents is “absolutely crazy,” according to his former lawyer Michael Cohen, speaking on ‘Velshi’. “The fact that we have to sit there and play this game with the former President of the United States…This is beyond unheard of. Ali, if this was you, certainly if this was me, we’d be in jail in 24 hours.”