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Maria Teresa Kumar: Has “Woke” become un-woke?


If you listen to conservatives, the far-Right and even some moderate Democrats, you might think the so-called “Woke Mob” is to blame for America’s problems. “Woke” has become so weaponized by the Right that the term itself has become un-woke. Obamacare, abortion rights, same sex marriage, covid relief, minimum wage, the child tax credit, climate justice and just about everything in the bipartisan infrastructure bill, were all considered too progressive to ever be reality at one point in time. But in 2021, all of those life-changing policies are now the norm. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, all Americans benefit from these policies. “Woke” is not a detriment to this nation. It’s addressing the root cause of systemic inequities we face because moderates have failed to walk in the shoes of most Americans. Woke is the mandate from the majority of multicultural Americans who voted their hearts out in 2018. The tide is turning in America. And voters are realizing, not only that change abounds, but that they are the primary facilitators of change.