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  • Velshi: Seditious Conspiracy is rare. But the DOJ knows what it’s doing.

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    Global Risk Assessment Report says it’s time for U.S. to “rebuild” democracy, not “save” it


Global Risk Assessment Report says it’s time for U.S. to “rebuild” democracy, not “save” it


For the first time in a long time in the U.S., the greatest threat to our safety and security is ourselves – both actual threats to democracy from within. This year’s Top Risks Report from the Eurasia Group reflects that threat. In 1998 when the group started risk assessment, says Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, “the U.S. was doing a lot of leading by example,” so we weren’t making our own list. Not anymore. January 6th exposed real weakness – “the reality is that the country has no idea how to respond to an event like that,” says Bremmer. This year, our own midterms are a threat to our stability, with so many office-seekers beholden to The Big Lie and looking to erode democracy. Bremmer says the question we should be asking now isn’t how to “save” our democracy, it’s how to “rebuild” democracy.