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Fmr. Pence aide: 9/18 rally sends message that if you commit domestic terrorism, Trump has your back


The U.S. Capitol Police are yet again on alert for another right-wing rally at the Capitol. Former top national security advisor to Vice President Pence, Olivia Troye says the greatest danger is “the message that the rally is sending to Americans across the country--” that “if you commit an act of violence or an act of domestic terrorism…Trump and his supporters will have your back.” As for the claims made in Woodward and Costa book on January 6th and the election certification, Troye says, “We're lucky Mike Pence at the end of the day went in and did his job and certified the election results…But he could have actually walked away after that day and after January 6th and started telling Americans the truth, this was all a big sham, that this is a big lie.”