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Watch: Jeffrey Tambor talks 'Arrested Development'

"There's always money in the banana stand." Apparently Netflix thinks so, too.

"There's always money in the banana stand." Apparently Netflix thinks so, too.

After the success of the release of Arrested Development's fourth seasonlast weekend, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said this week that the company is willing to order more episodes. The current season features 15 new, web-exclusive episodes.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor said the show  is "filled with honesty" and "humor," in an interview with Morning Joe's Louis Burgdorf ahead of the new season's premiere. (They also discussed the latest IRS scandal, msnbc's Mark Halperin's Twitter account, and being bar mitzvahed.)

The show aired for three seasons on the Fox network from 2003 to 2006. It follows the fictional and formerly wealthy Bluth family. Tambor plays George Bluth Sr. and his twin, Oscar.

In 1999 Netflix disrupted the traditional television model by offering subscription-based digital distribution, including original series. More than 36 million members in 40 countries use the Internet television network, according to the website.

Arrested Development is the third original series to debut on Netflix this year, but it has attracted the most attention because of its built-in fan base, the Associated Press reported. The series could add hundreds of thousands of U.S. subscribers to the online video service during the last months of June.

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Watch Tambor's Morning Joe interview: