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McDonald's 91% graduation rate

McDonald's can teach Congress a lesson--on education.

McDonald's can teach Congress a lesson--on education.

The fast-food chain devised "English Under the Arches," a language-acquisition program that develops employees' English skills to help them advance in their careers.

"Rather than waiting for Washington and waiting for policymakers to devise programs that could help in workforce training, they devised their own program," Adam Kushner, executive editor of the National Journal, said Friday on Morning Joe.

McDonald's program gives employees training, writing performance reviews, and basic managerial tools for advancement. The program is currently available at 44 locations nationwide.

The latest issue of the National Journal reports on 50 American innovators and the lessons Washington can learn from them.

"Big things are being born from the ground, from grassroots," Kushner said. "This is basically a dispatch from the America that works."

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