Image: President Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden on May 22, 2019.

Podium signs suggest president's speech was pre-planned

1h ago

NBC's Peter Alexander fact-checks the president's claim that he doesn't do cover-ups and that he is the most transparent president ever, and shares that the White House press corps was handed printed out posters on their way out of the Rose Garden that rebut the Mueller investigation efforts.

Key Updates

  • A standoff between the White House and Congressional Democrats after a canceled infrastructure meeting
  • President Trump lashed out, upset over Speaker Pelosi's earlier comments that the president is "engaged in a cover-up"
  • President says the country can choose between investment or investigations; won't work with Democrats under threat of investigation
  • "We went in the spirit of bipartisanship," said Pelosi
  • "I pray for the president," says Pelosi after saying the president "took a pass" at the infrastructure effort
  • "It was a pre-planned excuse," says Leader Schumer and that the president had "prepared signs" at the podium; accuses president of not knowing how to pay for infrastructure and "ran away"
  • Senate Minority Whip says there was "high drama in the cabinet room... The president walked in the room and announced he was not going to go forward with the meeting... I don't know where this leaves us as a nation."

IRS memo says Trump taxes must be given to Congress: WaPo

Rachel Maddow shares a new report from the Washington Post of a confidential draft IRS memo that says the law requires that Donald Trump's taxes be given to Congress, and the broader context of the Trump administration's obstruction of oversight by Congress, particular of Trump's finances.

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