Image: William Barr
Sait Serkan Gurbuz / AP

Barr news conference highlights

  • AG Barr says Russian government sought to interfere with U.S. election process, but did not have cooperation of the Trump campaign "knowingly" or "intentionally"
  • Attorney General Barr uses the words the president has been using for months: “No collusion”
  • On the question of obstruction, Barr mentions 10 episodes with the president that could have constituted obstruction "as a matter of law"
  • Barr says there were some disagreements with Special Counsel Mueller
  • Barr says President Trump faced "an unprecedented situation” entering office under cloud of investigation and was frustrated
  • White House was given a redacted copy of the report earlier this week
  • Barr has no objections to Mueller testifying to Congress

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