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Live updates: Trump hush money trial

Jan. 6 officers lambast Trump outside N.Y. court

Former Capitol police officer Harry Dunn and former D.C. Metropolitan police officer Michael Fanone spoke to NBC News' Vaughn Hillyard outside of former President Trump’s hush money trial to speak out against Trump.


'Pillars of credibility': Trump's legal team delivers its closing argument in hush money trial

Former President Trump's defense team is focusing on Michael Cohen's credibility in their closing argument. MSNBC legal analyst Kristen Gibbons Feden joins Ana Cabrera and José Díaz-Balart to break it all down.


Trump lawyer targets Michael Cohen's credibility in closing arguments

Former President Trump's lawyers began their closing arguments in the New York hush money trial by taking aim at Michael Cohen's credibility. NBC News' Yasmin Vossoughian reports on what the jury has heard so far.


'No evidence Trump knew anything': Defense delivers closing argument

Former President Trump's defense team are delivering their closing argument in the New York hush money trial and attacking Michael Cohen's credibility. MSNBC legal analyst Chuck Rosenberg, former Manhattan prosecutor Duncan Levin, criminal defense attorney Jeremy Saland and former federal prosecutor Jessica Roth provide their expertise.


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