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This circus reinvents the way people play

This circus reinvents the way people play

09/15/17 08:54AM

September 17, 2017: From the moment you step inside the headquarters of Two Bit Circus, you’re immersed in a world of fun and games. The founders behind the company have turned their passion for interactive art into a thriving experiential entertainment company. watch

An indoor biking course for all seasons

Turning a hobby into a successful business

09/08/17 11:54AM

December 3, 2006: Ray Petro wanted a place to go mountain biking, even in winter. Since he couldn’t find anywhere that fit the bill, he decided to open his own bike park, which allowed him to turn his hobby into a business. watch

The secrets of being a mystery shopper

What is a mystery shopper?

09/08/17 11:54AM

March 2, 2008: How do you make sure your employees are providing top notch customer service? Some bosses use mystery shoppers to put their staff to the test. MSNBC’s JJ Ramberg donned a trench coat and went undercover to see who’s getting high marks. watch

This bottle opener is a sublime idea

A lime bottle opener for your beer

09/08/17 11:54AM

July 18, 2010: The next time you have a crazy business idea over a beer, you should think of Matt Moman. Find out how fake limes, Corona beer and a little inspiration turned this entrepreneur's dream into a booming business. watch

Carving up the private autopsy industry

Private autopsies have grown in popularity

09/08/17 11:54AM

October 26, 2008: The deceased must be protected and given a voice. Those are just two reasons why Vidal and Vicki Herrera got into the private autopsy business. They saw the importance of providing a service like this, which is how 1-800-AUTOPSY came to life. watch

How to valuate an emerging business

A method to use when determining the value of your business

08/25/17 09:41AM

August 27, 2017: One question you may find yourself without an answer to, is how much your company is actually worth. If you were to sell it tomorrow, would you know how much someone would buy it for? Let’s ask the expert. Chris Myers is co-founder and CEO of, a financial management platform for businesses. watch

A motorcycle’s journey from Cleveland to...

A motorcycle business looks to go full throttle in the U.S.

08/25/17 09:41AM

August 27, 2017: When the owners of this retro motorcycle company in Cleveland, exhausted all possibilities of making their motorbikes a reality in the U.S., they tapped into an Asian market that adores American culture and lifestyle. With no hesitation, China helped to kick start the manufacturing and sales of their lightweight, inexpensive... watch

Shea Yeleen – Organic shea butter skin...

Beauty products to improve your skin while making a difference.

08/25/17 09:41AM

August 27, 2017: Rahama Wright is the creator of Shea Yeleen, a high-quality all natural shea butter body care product line. She says her soaps, lip balms, creams and scrubs help to nourish your skin with therapeutic benefits. After spending two years in the Peace Corps, Rahama decided to create a social impact company that manufactures high... watch

5 ways to do business travel better

Five tips to help you avoid business travel headaches.

08/25/17 09:41AM

August 27, 2017: If you ask most people who frequently travel for business, they’ll tell you it can be challenging at times. Between flight delays and airlines cutting back on some services, it makes sense to strategize your travel plans better. Here are 5 smart tips to help improve your business travel life easier. watch

Tips on avoiding buzzwords & having a...

Skip the buzzwords and build a business with a cause.

08/25/17 09:41AM

August 27, 2017: Angel investor Alicia Syrett, who is founder and CEO of Pantegrion Capital along with Ido Leffler, a serial entrepreneur, who’s founded successful consumer brands like Yoobi and Yes To, Inc. talk about why business owners should be authentic and avoid buzzwords when pitching to investors, and also how creating a business that... watch

Women are puckering up to quench their...

How this egg shaped lip balm disrupted the lip care industry

08/25/17 09:41AM

August 27, 2017: From a Miley Cyrus music video to a Kim Kardashian instagram post, the iconic egg shaped lip balms from the company called EOS has been getting fantastic lip service and outselling brands like Chapstick and Blistex. EOS co-founders Jonathan Teller & Sanjiv Mehra talk about how they applied patience and how that’s helped them... watch

How to give your employees Google-like...

Trae Bodge has cost-effective ideas that will please your staff.

08/25/17 09:41AM

August 27, 2017: Employees used to be satisfied with a coffee maker and a fridge in the break room. These days, employees at some places are given perks that were unthinkable only a handful of years ago. But not every business can be like Google with their nap pods and in-office massages. Smart shopping expert, Trae Bodge shares her suggestions... watch

Leveraging the power of social influencers

Finding brand advocates through social media

08/18/17 11:23AM

August 20, 2017: A few tickets to paradise paid off for the founders of Richer Poorer. When the pair came up with a risky marketing initiative, everyone at the company thought they had lost their minds. A trip to Hawaii for six helped turn social influencers into brand ambassadors. watch

The 20/20/20 rule can help business growth

The 20/20/20 rule could make you a profitable company

08/18/17 11:23AM

August 20, 2017: Becoming a profitable business doesn’t happen overnight. You need to commit to growth by coming up with your best practices. Eddie Yoon, the founder of Eddie Would Grow, explains how the 20/20/20 rule could help your sales skyrocket. watch


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