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Jeremie Kubicek is urging you to ask yourself these questions as a leader.

Do you know what kind of manager you are?

02/23/18 09:17AM

February 25, 2018: Great managers are self-aware. They are able to look at their leadership styles objectively, and can adapt their tactics to challenge and support their employees the right way. So, how do they do it? Jeremie Kubicek, CEO of GiANT Worldwide, says they can start by determining whether they are dominators, protectors, abdicators... watch

Carol Roth & Denise Blasevick share tips that don’t cost a dime to implement

Top tips: be helpful & create a talk space

02/16/18 08:34AM

February 18, 2018: Carol Roth is an angel investor, a best-selling author and the creator of "Future File," a legacy planning system. She says you need to go out of your way and do the right thing which will give you a competitive advantage. Denise Blasevick is the CEO of The S3 Agency, an advertising, public relations and social media... watch

What steps can you take to build your customer’s trust?

Combating false information about your brand

02/16/18 08:32AM

February 18, 2018: When there is a glut of false or misleading information about your business or your industry, how can you make sure that your customers are well-informed? Steve Strauss, senior business columnist of USA Today, says become the expert. Here’s how. watch

Andrew Rosen offers his theories for enduring success

Learning from the pros: Theory

02/16/18 08:28AM

February 18, 2018: For those in the know, Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory, is fashion industry royalty. He’s a third generation garmento with over 30 years of experience. From taking a curated approach to business to collaborating with others, Rosen says there are six things he’s learned along the way. watch

LA-based Million Dollar Baby are the crib makers to the stars

Maintaining peace during a transfer of power

02/16/18 08:22AM

February 18, 2018: Daniel and Maryann Fong founded Million Dollar Baby in 1990 and grew it into one of the most sought after baby furniture companies in the world. However, when they decided to pass the company on to their children, the transition was far from a slam dunk success. Here’s how the family worked through their differences in... watch

David Hosager explains how lack of trust can lead to decrease in revenue

Employees' trust: why it's necessary

02/16/18 08:21AM

February 18, 2018: According to The Trust Edge Leadership Institute, employees want to trust their managers more than anything else-- including raises. So, how can you build your employees’ confidence in you? And what are the potential pitfalls of employee mistrust? David Hosager, CEO of The Trust Edge Leadership Institute has answers. watch

Kat Cohen & Neil Vogel tell us about long-term planning & owning your skillset

Top tips: Plan ahead and own your strengths

02/09/18 08:55AM

February 11, 2018: Here are two top tips to help your business grow. Kat Cohen, the founder and CEO of Ivywise, and Neil Vogel, the CEO of Dotdash, tell us why you should have a 20-year plan and the reason why you should focus on your strengths. watch

Maria Lord Designs creates unique greeting cards

Elevator pitch: Maria Lord Designs

02/09/18 08:53AM

February 11, 2018: The founder of Maria Lord Designs incorporates multicultural characters in her greeting cards. Let’s see if our panelists share her enthusiasm for sending people personalized notes. watch

5 ways to clear out your clutter and get more creative

Top 5 ways to declutter your workspace

02/09/18 08:48AM

February 11, 2018: Does a cluttered space result in a cluttered mind? If so, you may need a clear space in order to focus on what’s important. Here are five ways to declutter your office and become more productive. watch

These business owners are celebrating Halloween in January

Hauntcon: Halloween in winter

02/09/18 08:42AM

February 11, 2018: Trade shows are expensive, and they’re exhausting. If you do them right, you can land new customers, new contacts and new ideas. Months before the ghosts and goblins come out of hiding, thousands of vendors and buyers gather in New Orleans for Hauntcon. watch

Mark Kohler tells us how the new tax code will affect your business

Tax reform and how it affects your business

02/09/18 08:42AM

February 11, 2018: The number of deductions you can make when you file your taxes has changed. Recent tax reform has taken effect, and some of the new rules will make you happy. Others may disappoint you. CPA Mark Kohler explains some key points you need to know. watch

Ben Parr shares tips for keeping your team focused on customer service

Keeping your customer service memorable

02/02/18 11:18AM

February 4, 2018: How do you keep your employees focused on providing a strong customer service experience? Let’s ask the expert. Ben Parr is the co-founder and COO of Octane AI. watch

Travis Weaver refused to be a victim of Hurricane Harvey

Stronger than the storm: Surviving Harvey

02/02/18 11:16AM

February, 4, 2018: The city of Houston is still rebuilding from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Harvey. Many area business had to shut down in the storm’s wake because of all of the damage. One owner had a gut feeling that there were tough times ahead, and so, he changed his entire sales strategy to make sure his business wasn’t a... watch

Top 5 skills for effective managers to master

Top 5 skills for effective managers to master

02/02/18 11:16AM

February 4, 2018: No matter what industry you’re in, it’s constantly changing. As consumer tastes evolve and people innovate, the landscape is always different. Here are five ways that you can be a better manager every day. watch


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