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ShopRunner CEO Sam Yagan explains the benefits of a strong work environment

Top tip: Set the right culture

03/09/18 09:17AM

March 11, 2018: Setting the right culture can be key to your company’s growth. Internet entrepreneur Sam Yagan, the CEO of ShopRunner, tells us some ways you can run a more impactful work environment. watch

Unclaimed Baggage Center is the only store  that sells luggage lost by airlines

Lost & found: Unclaimed Baggage Center

03/09/18 09:15AM

March 11, 2018: A little competition is good for everyone. It can help keep you on your toes. Imagine that you’re the only game in town though. How do you motivate yourself to evolve and get better? One business is trying to improve customer service even though they have the market cornered when it comes to lost luggage. watch

Kat Cohen tells us what it takes to run a successful business

How does your business thrive?

03/09/18 09:15AM

March 11, 2018: You may be focused on sales and growth, but what are other aspects of your business that deserve more attention? Let’s ask the expert. Kat Cohen is the founder and CEO of IvyWise. watch

5 tech trends to watch in 2018

5 tech trends to watch in 2018

03/09/18 09:12AM

March 11, 2018: It’s still early in 2018, but a few tech trends are already gaining traction in the business community. Here are five innovations to keep on your radar. watch

Aaron Shapiro tells us how to make a digital transformation at your business

Move your business in a digital direction

03/02/18 08:08AM

March 4, 2018: Moving your business into the digital age can result in many benefits like improved efficiency, stronger customer engagement and smoother operations. This transformation doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive either. Aaron Shapiro, the founder and CEO of HUGE, has some tips to get started. watch

Blythe Harris shares advice for maintaining your company culture as you grow

Keep your company culture in check

03/02/18 08:07AM

March 4, 2018: As your business grows, how do you keep your company culture in check? Let’s ask the expert. Blythe Harris is the co-founder and chief creative officer at Stella & Dot. watch

Becoming a mystery shopper is as easy as downloading an app

Mystery shopping the digital age

03/02/18 08:07AM

March 4, 2018: Manufacturers and retailers can always use feedback, and mystery shoppers are the perfect people to check out product displays and evaluate sales staff. The process isn’t as formal as it used to be. Anyone can become a mystery shopper. It’s as easy as downloading an app. watch

David Kohler tells us about the success of the company that bears his name

Kohler is flushed with success

03/02/18 08:07AM

March 4, 2018: If you’ve ever looked for a new kitchen sink or bath tub, you’ve undoubtedly checked out a Kohler product. The company has been a leading American manufacturer since 1873. We spoke with fourth-generation president and CEO David Kohler about why everything starts and ends with design and why isolation is never a good thing in this... watch

Katrina Markoff and Scott Gerber share two tips for business success

Two tips: keep evolving and grow your network

03/02/18 08:05AM

March 4, 2018: Any business owner could use some advice about expanding their brand. New ideas can only help. Katrina Markoff, the founder and CEO of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, and Scott Gerber, the CEO of The Community Company, tell us why you must evolve to survive and how you can grow your network of contributors. watch

Jeremie Kubicek is urging you to ask yourself these questions as a leader

Do you know what kind of manager you are?

02/28/18 08:48AM

February 25, 2018: Great managers are self-aware. They are able to look at their leadership styles objectively, and can adapt their tactics to challenge and support their employees the right way. So, how do they do it? Jeremie Kubicek, CEO of GiANT Worldwide, says they can start by determining whether they are dominators, protectors, abdicators... watch

Learn how to make your company attractive to potential executives.

Recruiting the right c-suite executives

02/23/18 09:17AM

February 25, 2018: How do you recruit the right C-suite executives? Tania Yuki is the founder and CEO of Shareablee, a leading provider of social content analytics for business. She says leaders should “light up the purpose” of their companies so bright that it attracts the right people. Yuki also says you should avoid hiring C-level execs in... watch

Andy Dunn and Jennifer Maanavi provide their top two business tips.

Off-list references & leaving comfort zones

02/23/18 09:17AM

February 25, 2018: Andy Dunn is the founder and CEO Bonobos and also the senior vice president of digital consumer brands at Walmart. He says always do two off-list references for potential new hires. Jennifer Maanavi is the founder and CEO of Physique 57. She says work outside of your comfort zone. watch

How pet sitting biz, Rover faced the confusion of a merger without going "mutts."

Mergers and acquisitions 101

02/23/18 09:17AM

February 25, 2018: When Rover acquired DogVacay in 2017, many of the companies’ users and workers worried about how the merger might affect them. While the move would ultimately prove successful, it didn’t occur without its hiccups. Here’s how the managers of DogVacay and Rover worked together to blend their distinct company cultures, teams and... watch

Aliya LeeKong’s new app teaches the importance of food diversity.

Elevator pitch: Issa’s Edible Adventures

02/23/18 09:17AM

February 25, 2018: Aliya LeeKong is already an acclaimed chef, author and food commentator. However, she recently entered into a new arena—app development. LeeKong created Issa’s Edible Adventure, an interactive app to teach kids and their families about food traditions from around the world. Will her pitch impress the judges? watch


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