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A Small Business Patent Case Heads To The...

A small business patent case heads to the supreme court

02/10/17 09:46AM

An upcoming Supreme Court case could change patent laws that would affect thousands of small businesses. Eric Smith, the owner of Impression Products in Charleston, WV, and his attorney Paul Hughes with Mayer Brown, tell us why this case could have a major impact on entrepreneurs. watch

What Your Chapped Lips Can Teach You About...

Business tips for longevity from the leaders at Carmex

02/10/17 09:44AM

You may not recognize the name Alfred Woelbing, but your chapped lips may know his product. The creator of the lip balm Carmex started his business in 1937 in his Wisconsin kitchen. 80 years later, the company is now run by his grandson Paul. He tells us why you should reach out to experts for help and why you shouldn’t rely on voicemail in this... watch

Why Company Culture Matters

Why Company Culture Matters

02/10/17 09:44AM

Amos Winbush III, the founder and CEO of AW3 Media and the co-founder of Kingdom Equity Ventures, tells us why it’s important to create a culture of inclusion and innovation at your small business. watch

A photographer switches from rock music to...

A photographer switches from rock music to notebooks

02/03/17 11:44AM

A photographer had what many people would consider a dream job, but he walked away from it. He quit his gig after hob knobbing with and snapping images of some of the biggest chart toppers in the music industry. He put down his camera and made the switch from pictures to paper. watch

5 TED Talks that will inspire and motivate...

TED Talks to inspire small business owners

02/03/17 11:44AM

TED Talks are a great way to get you motivated to run your small business. Expert speakers offer some advice and inspiration. Here are five TED Talks that will get you thinking outside the box from watch

Executive orders and their impact on small...

Executive orders and their impact on small business

02/03/17 11:44AM

How will President Donald Trump’s executive orders on immigration and regulations affect your small business? Democratic California Congresswoman Judy Chu, who serves on the House Small Business Committee, tells us about the potential impact on entrepreneurs. watch

Online tools to help you run your business

Online tools to help you run your business

02/03/17 11:44AM

Every day, new apps and websites pop up that look like they could help make your workload a little lighter. Which ones actually deliver? We asked our viewers to tell us about their favorite small business tools. watch

Competitors are losing sleep over the...

How Casper mattress company's social media beat competition

01/27/17 09:53AM

The mattress company Casper seems to have come out of nowhere and suddenly be everywhere. The brand has disrupted the mattress industry with its one size fits all products. We met Casper CEO Philip Krim to find out how the company has made a name for itself on social media and why he says their work is never done. watch


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