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Elevator Pitch: GoGo™ Gift Bag

GoGo Gift Bags: Built-in tissue paper for style and convenience

04/14/17 10:31AM

If you’re like most gift givers, you probably run around the house looking for a gift bag and the tissue paper to put in it. Our elevator pitcher Erin Borges the creator of GoGo™ Gift Bag has the solution. Her decorative gift bags come with built-in color coordinated tissue paper to help you save time and to make every present you give look... watch

Tips For Growing a Small Biz Into a Medium...

Tips For Growing a Small Biz Into a Medium Size Biz

04/14/17 10:31AM

Making a Leap: Many business owners are focused on getting ahead by keeping up with current trends and implementing new strategies so that they can turn their small business into a bigger company. So we asked entrepreneurs what exactly are they doing to make the leap? watch

5 spending hacks to save you money

Spending tricks to boost your business's financial mgmt

04/07/17 03:18PM

When you’re running a small business on a tight budget, every extra expense from hiring additional staff to shipping products can weigh heavily on your cash flow. Financial expert Nicole Lapin has these 5 spending hacks to make your business more profitable. watch

5 ways to become a business influencer

5 ways to become a business influencer

04/07/17 03:18PM

You don’t have to be rich and famous to be an influencer. A little hard work, strategy and authenticity will help you become a leader. Here are 5 ways to be an authority in your industry from YFS Magazine. watch

How do you reach the best sales contacts?

How do you reach the best sales contacts?

04/07/17 03:18PM

If you don’t want to cold call someone, how do you find the right person to pitch yourself to as a potential sales partner? Let’s ask the expert. Steve Strauss is the senior small business columnist at USA Today. watch

This tight knit business won’t sell its...

Fibre Space: Why this yarn store owner won't sell online

04/07/17 08:53AM

Many entrepreneurs are embracing the internet to boost sales, but not everyone is doing it. The owner of a yarn store in Alexandria, VA refuses to set up shop online because it’s not how she wants to run her business. She prefers to interact with her customers on the phone, by email or face to face any day of the week instead of managing her... watch

President Trump meets women small business...

President Trump meets women small business owners

03/31/17 09:37AM

President Donald Trump says that supporting small businesses owned by women is a priority in his administration. In a meeting with female entrepreneurs from around the country, he pledged to help them overcome barriers. Shirley Perry, the owner of HydroTech, and Jessica Johnson-Cope, the owner of Johnson Security Bureau, tell us what was discussed. watch

Launching the company Little Passports...

How Little Passports launched without raising capital

03/31/17 09:37AM

Securing venture capital seemed like the only way to go for the founders of a monthly subscription company for kids called Little Passports. These best friends thought their idea had legs. They would send a suitcase, passport, stickers and world maps to inspire kids to learn more about the world around them. But the duo, formerly of Ebay, found... watch


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