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5 tips for naming your new product

Go far: Tips for naming your new product

05/05/17 10:11AM

May 7, 2017: A powerful name for your product could easily be the difference between success and failure. You don’t have to spend a lot of money hiring a company that specializes in picking names when you’re going to launch something new. Ross Kimbarovsky, the founder and CEO of CrowdSpring, share some easy tricks for naming your product. watch

5 ways to get more people to visit your...

How to use Facebook for business growth

05/05/17 10:09AM

May 7, 2017: Facebook is still one of the best ways to reach new customers. Growing an audience for your page takes some time and a solid strategy. Here are five ways you can increase the number of people visiting your Facebook page from Manta. watch

How to successfully sell records and books...

How to successfully sell records and books in a digital age

05/05/17 10:09AM

May 7, 2017: What’s old may be new again in Las Vegas. That’s where the owners of a record store and a book store are experiencing a Renaissance. The digital age isn’t keeping sales down at these places. The businesses are tapping into what their customers love and the community that comes with it. watch

What it’s like to win National Small...

Equator Coffees & Teas on winning National Small Business 2017

04/28/17 12:06PM

The achievements of entrepreneurs are being celebrated across the country this week. We speak with Helen Russell, the co-founder and CEO of Equator Coffees & Teas in San Francisco. She tells us what it’s like to win the National Small Business of the Year award and what the recognition has meant for her brand. watch

SBA Chief Linda McMahon on celebrating...

How U.S. SBA is celebrating National Small Business Week in 2017

04/28/17 12:06PM

The nation’s top small businesses will be honored by the U.S. Small Business Administration this week in conjunction with National Small Business Week. We kick off the celebrations by speaking with Linda McMahon, the new head of the SBA. She tells us about the festivities and her hopes for entrepreneurs over the next four years. watch

5 tips for going live on social media

Social media: How to live stream

04/28/17 12:06PM

Live video streaming is now offered on so many social platforms. It’s an easy way to give your customers a real-time look into your world on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Here are five tips for effectively going live on social from watch

Building an authentic makeup brand...

Building an authentic makeup brand customers adore

04/28/17 12:06PM

Consumers want authenticity. They like to buy from brands they believe they can trust. One entrepreneur who’s feeling the love from her customers is the founder of cosmetics company Makeup Geek. Her followers find her real and relatable, and they’ve responded by buying her products. watch

Top tip: Be transparent

Top tip: Be transparent

04/28/17 12:06PM

Serial entrepreneur Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the co-founder and CEO of Fitz, talks about why more business owners need to be transparent especially when it comes to dealing with employees at all levels of your business. watch


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