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Your staff can help you uncover new business opportunities

Mobilizing employees to attract business

05/18/18 08:07AM

May 20, 2018: Business owners are used to thinking of employees and their respective networks as a good way to hire people. What these entrepreneurs should remember is that staff members can also bring them business. Falon Fatemi, the founder of Node, tells us how you can encourage your team members to flex their muscles and attract customers. watch

Woops! is the country's largest macaron business

How four partners manage this macaron company

05/18/18 08:07AM

May 20, 2018: Four partners with completely different backgrounds have found balance in the way they run their business. The company may have started by accident, but Woops! has become the largest macaron business in the nation. We talk to these entrepreneurs about how they make decisions among the very opinionated founders. watch

Chelsea Krost & Eileen Huntington share this advice for business owners

Top tip: Turn employees into influencers

05/18/18 08:02AM

May 20, 2018: Turn your employees into brand ambassadors and you should always stay true to your core beliefs. These are the top two tips for growing your business. Millennial expert Chelsea Krost is the chief engagement officer at Beyond360 and Eileen Huntington is the co-founder of Huntington Learning Center. watch

Rodan + Fields is the number one skin care company in North America

Rodan + Fields: Putting customers first

05/18/18 07:59AM

May 20, 2018: Rodan and Fields might be the most popular skin care you’ve never heard of. Their products, which are sold by massive community of consultants, can’t be found in any stores. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields are the dermatologists behind the billion dollar company. They tell us about their partnership, disrupting distribution and buying... watch

MSNBC's “Your Business” & HSN have teamed up for this elevator pitch

HSN elevator pitch: Seal Shoe Covers

05/18/18 07:58AM

May 20, 2018: Daniela King wants to protect your shoes. Whether it’s raining, snowing or just muddy, Seal Shoe Covers will help you preserve your style. Let’s find out if the judges think Daniela’s pitch has enough legs to sell her product on HSN. watch

Julie Smolyansky and Cindy Whitehead share advice for business owners

Top tip: You belong in every room

05/10/18 03:07PM

May 13, 2018: You belong in every room and don’t outsource your customer service. These are the top two tips for growing your business. Julie Smolyansky is the CEO of Lifeway Foods and Cindy Whitehead is the founder and CEO of The Pink Ceiling. watch

5 growth industries to watch

5 growth industries to watch

05/10/18 03:03PM

May 13, 2018: The business landscape changes so rapidly that it can be hard to know what areas deserve your attention. Here are five of the fastest growth industries to watch. watch

305 Fitness makes you feel like you're at a Miami dance club

Dance it out with 305 Fitness

05/10/18 02:51PM

May 13, 2018: It feels like new fitness brands are popping up all the time. How do you make sure your business is gaining traction while others fall by the wayside? We met the founder of 305 Fitness to find out how she’s grown her company, which offers classes that make you feel like you’re at a Miami dance club. watch

The founder of Annieglass took feedback about her company seriously

Annieglass: An evolving handcrafted brand

05/10/18 02:46PM

May 13, 2018: Whether you want it or not, business owners get plenty of feedback. The founder of Annieglass listened closely to what she was being told even though her company was making money. She chose to take a hard look at her products after figuring out that her business wasn’t attracting customers that she wanted and would inevitably need. watch

MSNBC's “Your Business” & HSN have teamed up for this elevator pitch

HSN elevator pitch: Greentealy

05/10/18 02:45PM

May 13, 2018: Gigi Agbasi has created an organic line of skin care. Greentealy is free of chemicals that could be harmful to users. Let’s find out if the judges think Gigi’s pitch is natural enough to sell her product on HSN. watch

Stephanie Leshney and Scott Gurfein share this advice for business owners

Top tip: Conduct an employee survey

05/03/18 03:33PM

May 6, 2018: Conduct employee surveys and consider a zero marketing plan. These are the top two tips for growing your business. Stephanie Leshney is the former CEO of Ross Organics and Scott Gurfein is the co-founder of Socket and the chairman of AllWork. watch

Ken Natori tells us how to pay your sales team

How should you pay your sales team?

05/03/18 03:30PM

May 6, 2018: As you grow your sales team, how do you decide how to pay these members of your staff? Let’s ask the expert. Ken Natori is the president of The Natori Company. watch


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