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Soul Popcorn pitches to Sam’s Club

Soul Popcorn pitches to Sam’s Club

11/10/17 09:49AM

November 12, 2017: “Your Business” and Sam’s Club are teaming up to give five entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their products to buyers to earn a spot on the shelves of the wholesale giant. De J. Lozada from Austin, TX is up first with her Soul Popcorn. watch

How small businesses can work together

Collaborating on Small Business Saturday

11/10/17 09:49AM

November 12, 2017: Teaming up with other small businesses in your community for Small Business Saturday is a great way to encourage shopping local. USA Today columnist Rhonda Abrams tells us why finding a local champion and developing a passport program can help. watch

Transforming business in Beloit, WI

Beloit, WI transforms its main street

11/10/17 09:49AM

November 12, 2017: One town believes shopping local begins by getting people to work local. In an effort to keep its main street vibrant, Beloit, Wisconsin is transforming its economy from manufacturing to tech thanks to some community planners and one of the wealthiest women in the state. watch

Tips for managing your time better

Mastering time management

11/10/17 09:49AM

November 12, 2017: There aren’t enough hours in the day for most business decision makers. How do you get all of your work done? Tiffany Pham, the founder and CEO of Mogul, and Paul English, the co-founder of travel app Lola, tell us how they’ve conquered time management. watch

5 ways to stay on top of business trends

5 tips for keeping your business current

11/10/17 09:49AM

November 12, 2017: Part of running a business is knowing about the latest ways to market effectively, balance your checkbook or keep track of your customers. Here are five cost effective ways to stay on top of business trends. watch

Keeping your marketing message consistent

Advice for staying on message

11/10/17 09:49AM

November 12, 2017: How do you maintain a consistent marketing message in a global economy? Let’s ask the expert. Jamie Kern Lima is the founder and CEO of IT Cosmetics. watch

Alternative approaches to retail

M. Gemi and Parachute take their online businesses to brick...

11/10/17 09:49AM

November 12, 2017: All retailers are struggling with getting customers in their doors. The owners of two online companies say people are definitely shopping, but businesses are stuck in the old way of doing things when buying patterns have changed. That’s why the two businesses are trying out alternative approaches to retail. watch

Small business hacks for shopping local

Rieva Lesonsky and Barry Moltz have tips for getting customers...

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: Business owners are pulling out all the stops to get customers to shop local on Small Business Saturday. There are some shortcuts to help you kick off the holiday shopping season. Rieva Lesonsky, the founder and CEO of GrowBiz Media, and small business consultant Barry Moltz share their tips for immediate success. watch

Setting goals can help your business grow

Jay Godfrey and Luvleen Sidhu with tips to grow your business.

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: Are you looking for some advice about how to grow your business? We have two tips that you might want to consider. Designer Jay Godfrey, the founder and CEO of JayGodfrey, and Luvleen Sidhu, the co-founder and president of BankMobile, tell us why you should set daily goals for yourself and the importance of having a customer... watch

Tools to make your company more efficient

Website and apps to help run your company

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: Business owners with an eye on growing their companies should know what tools are out there to help. Our viewers share some of their favorite websites and apps to run their businesses more efficiently. watch

A convenience store designed with...

Seattle is home to this reinvented convenience store

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: What is old is new again in Seattle where a local business owner has taken her great-grandfather’s business model for a corner store and updated it to fit the millennial lifestyle. With three locations already open, customers are drawn to the wine bar, coffee baristas and handmade, local gifts available at every store. watch

What is micro-resilience?

Bonnie St. John explains micro-resilience

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: It’s so easy to get distracted by all of the things that need to get done every day at your business. So, how do you stay focused when it’s so easily to get thrown? Paralympic athlete Bonnie St. John is the author of the book “Micro-Resilience.” watch


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