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A convenience store designed with...

Seattle is home to this reinvented convenience store

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: What is old is new again in Seattle where a local business owner has taken her great-grandfather’s business model for a corner store and updated it to fit the millennial lifestyle. With three locations already open, customers are drawn to the wine bar, coffee baristas and handmade, local gifts available at every store. watch

What is micro-resilience?

Bonnie St. John explains micro-resilience

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: It’s so easy to get distracted by all of the things that need to get done every day at your business. So, how do you stay focused when it’s so easily to get thrown? Paralympic athlete Bonnie St. John is the author of the book “Micro-Resilience.” watch

How do you hold onto all of customers?

Ways to retain all of your customers

11/03/17 12:00PM

November 5, 2017: How do you attract and retain new customers without alienating your old ones? Let’s ask the expert. Christiane Lemieux is the founder of the furniture company The Inside. watch

Five ways to become a better manager

Five ways to become a better manager

10/27/17 10:51AM

October 29, 2017: Even the most intelligent people with the best intentions can be terrible managers. Being a good leader can take plenty of practice, patience and soul searching. Here are five ways to become a better manager right away. watch

Two tips for successful business growth

Susan Tynan of Framebridge and Michael Broukhim of FabFitFun...

10/27/17 10:51AM

October 29, 2017: Are you looking for some advice about how to grow your business? Susan Tynan, the founder and CEO of Framebridge, and Michael Broukhim, the co-founder and co-CEO of FabFitFun, tell us why you should tune out risk adverse advice and obsess over your customers. watch

Getting brick and mortar customers to shop...

Converting brick and mortar customers into online shoppers

10/27/17 10:51AM

October 29, 2017: Small retailers face some stiff competition from big brands around the holidays. One way to grab your fair share of sales is to promote your website. Sarah Baldwin, the president and CEO of Bella Luna Toys, tells us how she engages with customers in her store and online. watch

Television has gone to the dogs with DogTV

DogTV has tales wagging around the world

10/27/17 10:51AM

October 29, 2017: The channel and streaming options are endless when you turn on the television, but humans aren’t the only ones who like to indulge. Our four-legged friends are fans of TV too. Ron Levi got tales wagging around the world by starting the first network for dogs. watch

Hiring a new top dog

Planet Dog hires a CEO to run its business

10/27/17 10:51AM

October 29, 2017: The skills of a great founder aren’t necessarily the skills of a great CEO. Once a business gets to a certain stage, founders often step aside and hire a CEO. As the creator of dog toy company Planet Dog discovered, the search for the right person can take years. watch

Customers are going nutty for this creamer

Nutpods has connected with its customers on ecommerce

10/20/17 10:43AM

October 22, 2017: Getting a food product to market used to be almost impossible for small companies. Today, things are different. We talk to the creator of a non-dairy creamer who used sites like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon to help change the rules and get her products on store shelves. watch

Challenges facing women business owners

Bobbi Brown and Sallie Krawcheck on challenges facing women...

10/20/17 10:41AM

October 22, 2017: Men and women aren’t equal in business. The playing field isn’t level, and changes need to be made. Serial entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, the creator of JustBobbi, and Sallie Krawcheck, the co-founder and CEO of Ellevest, share their thoughts about challenges facing women business owners. watch

Tips for success from the CEO of Best Western

Best Western CEO David Kong shares tips for success

10/20/17 10:41AM

October 22, 2017: There was a time when Best Western had so many locations that quality was a problem. Some locations didn’t meet expectations, and so, a change had to be made. Best Western CEO David Kong was hired in 2004 to give the brand a facelift. He tells us why the company has turned around. watch

How to become an Amazon bestseller

Ways to increase sales on Amazon

10/20/17 10:41AM

October 22, 2017: If you’re already selling your product on Amazon and you’d like to give your sales a boost, these tips are for you. Tracey Wallace, the editor-in-chief at Big Commerce, as this advice for becoming an Amazon top seller. watch

Be decisive & never give up in order to grow

Be decisive & never give up in order to grow

10/13/17 08:51AM

October 15, 2017: Patrick McGinnis, founder of Dirigo Advisors, talks about the dangers of FOBO (Fear Of a Better Option) along with Mitchell Reichgut, the co-founder and CEO of Jun Group, who tells entrepreneurs “Don’t stop” if you want to learn and grow. watch


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