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Top tips: Try a side job and leverage a do...

Business growth: Be innovative and try a side job

07/14/17 10:43AM

July 16, 2017: Here are the top two tips you need to know to help you grow your business. Patrick McGinnis, the founder of Dirigo Advisors, says you should try a side job to help with innovation. Natalia Oberti Noguera, the founder and CEO of Pipeline Angels, says don’t underestimate the power of the do-over. watch

How to get the most out of social influencers

How to get the most out of social influencers

07/14/17 10:43AM

July 16, 2017: Social influencers can wield quite a bit of power as they cash in on their legions of followers. Deva Dalporto’s hilarious viral videos have gotten more than 100 million views. She shares some best practices of working with influencers and how to maximize your working relationship. watch

Sarah Michelle Gellar is slaying in the...

Sarah Michelle Gellar on how to build a successful food company

07/14/17 10:43AM

July 16, 2017: Sarah Michelle Gellar spent years on the screen fighting vampires and dark lords, but she’s now taking on the food industry. She joined two entrepreneurs in launching food crafting brand Foodstirs in 2015. Sarah talks about combatting stereotypes, being a jack of all trades and building a company that has customers coming back for... watch

Tools to help make running your business...

These websites and apps can help efficiently run a business

06/30/17 10:01AM

July 2, 2017: We can all use a little help when it comes to running our businesses. The good news is that there’s plenty of help available. Let’s find out from our viewers which websites and apps they’re using to make their companies more efficient. watch

Dealing with toxic employees

How to avoid and deal with a toxic employee or work environment

06/30/17 09:59AM

July 2, 2017: A bad attitude in the workplace can be contagious. So, what can you do about it? Cindy Whitehead, the founder and CEO of The Pink Ceiling, and Samantha Skey, the founder and CEO of SheKnows Media, talk about ways you can oversee a toxic employee so that his or her attitude doesn’t spread. watch

How do you get Baby Boomers to read online...

How do you get Baby Boomers to read online reviews?

06/30/17 09:55AM

July 2, 2017: Online reviews are important to any business. How do you get Baby Boomers to understand that? Let’s ask the expert. Alfred Edmond is senior vice president and executive editor-at-large for Black Enterprise watch

Tips for getting higher SEO rankings

SEO tips: How to raise your business's ranking online

06/30/17 09:51AM

July 2, 2017: Search engine optimization is a scary term for people who don’t know how it works. Every business wants to rank high when potential customers do an online search for a product or a service. SEO specialist Chloe Spencer has this advice for getting more attention in web searches. watch

Using fighter pilot combat skills to run a...

Using fighter pilot combat skills to run a business

06/30/17 09:49AM

July 2, 2017: Instructors at the U.S. Air Force Weapons School in Nevada train their students to be the best leaders out there. The characteristics and values at the core of this education can also help business owners. We find out how these lessons could work in your company. watch

Tips for a successful mobile marketing...

Mobile marketing for your brand, made easy

06/23/17 12:09PM

June 25, 2017: Should you build a mobile website or spend the time and money creating an app for your business? Chris Myers, the co-founder and CEO of, and Melinda Nicci, the founder and CEO of Baby2Body, talk about the best ways for you to reach your customers on a mobile device. watch

Are you ready to franchise your business?

Business growth: When to franchise your business

06/23/17 12:02PM

June 25, 2017: Does your company have what it takes to be the next Edible Arrangements or Subway? Shelly Sun, the chair of the International Franchise Association and the CEO of health care staffing company Brightstar Care, shares some of the basics about how you can franchise your business. watch


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