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E.g., 7/22/2014
President Obama Signs The Middle-Class Tax Cut Bill

How Larry Summers opened the door to a woman

09/16/13 07:00AM

Larry Summers’ days of failing upward in public life are over. That, at least, is the working conclusion from the Obama economic adviser’s withdrawal Sunday from the bizarrely public race for chair of the Federal Reserve. Now there's one fewer impediment for Obama to nominate the highly qualified, economically prescient and well-liked Janet Yellen—who would be the first female Fed chair. read more

(Equality Day Post) - Irin Carmon - 08/26/2013

Oh horrors! What if women were allowed to vote?

08/26/13 04:30PM

Today is Women's Equality Day,  the 93rd anniversary of the 19th Amendment granting women the vote. It's a moment to remember not just the activists who doggedly worked to include women in the democratic process, but also that process's unfinished business--and those who stood in the way. Below, a compendium of caricatures and cartoons (from the Library of Congress) envisioning the dystopia that female voters would create. read more