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12 Syria Photo Post - 08/30/2013

Effectiveness of possible Syrian strike questioned

08/31/13 11:01AM

Former Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania and Navy Admiral Joe Sestak explained to MSNBC’s Alex Witt that a military strike by the United States on Syria is “inevitable.” A strike in Syria would not help the situation on the ground in the country, said Democrat Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania Saturday. “I'll be quite frank, it isn't going to have any effect, I think, at all on Assad and regime change,” said Sestak, who is also a Navy admiral. A military strike would be more of a face-saving measure for the international community. read more

Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY)

Democrat calls for 'collective' responsibility in Syria

08/31/13 10:47AM

Democratic Congressman Gregory Meeks of New York said Saturday that there is no need to rush military action in Syria. The administration should allow time for “the facts come out and let the facts be what they are” in order to drum up international support, Meeks said on Weekends with Alex Witt. “If there are missiles that land, then we are going to own it. Not NATO, it’s the United States, and that, to me, will have grave consequences," he said. read more

White House's first African-American chief usher praises 'The Butler'

08/26/13 09:27AM

After 36 years in the Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Stephen Rochon became the first African-American chief usher at the White House. Little did he know that his experience would lead to him being a consultant for a big-time Hollywood movie. Rochon advised director Lee Daniels for his box office hit, The Butler. The movie offers glimpses of history through the eyes of White House steward, Eugene Allen. Rochon lauded the movie on Weekends with Alex Witt and said, “Eugene Allen was a very humble man.  Very distinguished, a patriot, and so the movie really nailed it quite well.” read more