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Alicia Vikander talks ‘The Danish Girl’

Alicia Vikander talks ‘The Danish Girl’

12/19/15 12:44PM

Lead actress of “The Danish Girl” Alicia Vikander sits down with Alex Witt to delve into the emotional complexities of her character Gerda Wegener and what it took to capture the artist’s personality in this major motion picture. watch

Voter data controversy enters debate field

Voter data controversy enters debate field

12/19/15 12:34PM

Alex Witt sits down with Political Analyst Zerlina Maxwell and Republican Strategist Susan Del Percio to analyze the significance of the voter data controversy for the DNC and Bernie Sanders just before the Democratic debate. watch

US colleges turn to Chinese students for cash

US colleges turn to Chinese students for cash

12/13/15 01:53PM

Peter O’Dowd, assistant managing editor for WBUR, reports to Alex Witt on how cash-strapped colleges in the United States are turning to Chinese students for revenue, an effort that has pumped almost 10 billion dollars into the U.S. economy. watch

Anti-Muslim rhetoric spikes after San...

Anti-Muslim rhetoric spikes after San Bernardino

12/13/15 12:46PM

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president and founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, speaks with Alex Witt about an attack on a mosque that is being charged as a hate crime, as well as Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the United States. watch

‘Hour of Code’ interests kids in technology

‘Hour of Code’ aims to interest kids in computers

12/13/15 12:40PM

More than 100 million people took part this week in an education event called ‘Hour of Code,’ part of a global initiative to get kids interested in computer science. MSNBC Business and Technology Correspondent Olivia Sterns has an inside look at the worldwide event. watch


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