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E.g., 9/2/2014
Tough times in Atlantic City

Tough times in Atlantic City

08/31/14 01:41PM

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Suzette Parmely talks to Alex Witt about the closing of some iconic casinos in Atlantic City, as the city faces economic hardship. watch

LA considers plan to pay people to vote

LA considers plan to pay people to vote

08/30/14 01:53PM

Herb Wesson, president of the Los Angeles City Council and Nathan Hochman, president of the LA Ethics Commission, join Alex Witt to talk about a new plan that explores a financial prize pool to incentivize LA voters to show up at the polls. watch

Is the threat of ISIS over hyped by the...

Is the threat of ISIS over hyped by the media?

08/30/14 01:44PM

Jimmy Williams, MSNBC contributor and executive editor of, and Republican strategist Joe Watkins join Alex Witt to discuss President Obama’s newest remarks on the media’s coverage of ISIS following strong criticism of his comments... watch

Passenger complaints result in flight...

Passenger complaints result in flight diversions

08/30/14 01:27PM

Mark Gerchick, author of “Full Upright and Locked Position,” talks with Alex Witt about flight passengers’ increasing frustrations with airlines over disappearing seat space and additional fees for reclining seats and other amenities. watch