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E.g., 3/18/2018
Dr. Peterson: "This president behaves himself like a child at times"

Trump says he's "like, really smart" and a "very stable genius"

01/06/18 02:56PM

Amid much-publicized concern over the president's mental stability, Trump took to Twitter to offer a glowing self-evaluation. According to Trump, "mental stability" is in fact one of his greatest assets. Alex and her panel weigh into this curious new proclamation from America's commander in chief. watch

Bertrand: Trump tweet "clearly an attempt to undermine" Mueller's probe

Senate Republicans make criminal referral about Dossier author

01/06/18 02:46PM

Senators Graham and Grassley have referred Dossier author Christopher Steele to the Justice Dep't for possible criminal charges. Why are Republicans seizing on the sources and methods of the Russia inquiry and not the intel itself? Natasha Bertrand takes us inside this alleged GOP campaign to discredit the probe. watch

Rep. Meeks: Republicans giving up "institutions of the United States" for politics

Rep. Gregory Meeks lashes out at GOP for partisan maneuvers

01/06/18 02:39PM

At the close of 2017, Republicans managed to pass a sweeping tax overhaul without input from their Democratic colleagues. Congressman Gregory Meeks believes the GOP is dismantling so-called "regular order" at the expense of our democratic institutions. watch

Whipple: "On day one," Trump White House had "no idea what they were doing"

Chris Whipple on fallout from "Fire and Fury" book

01/06/18 02:33PM

A new book purports severe dysfunction inside Pres. Trump's White House. Chris Whipple, who chronicled the inner-workings of 17 different presidential administrations, examines the cause of what reports often refer to as "chaos" in the Trump administration. watch

Figliuzzi: FBI's Russia inquiry started as a "counter-intel probe"

Fmr. FBI official under Bob Mueller dissects Papadopoulos report

12/31/17 03:11PM

A New York Times report places former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos at the cross-section of many different avenues of the Russia probe: opposition research; intel; foreign contacts. Frank Figliuzzi argues that this report suggests the FBI's inquiry has taken on the quality of a "counter-intel" operation. watch

Lindsey Graham to Trump on Iran: "You just can't tweet here"

Trump tweets praise Iranian protesters, antagonize leaders

12/31/17 03:02PM

President Trump sent out several tweets in support of the Iranians demonstrating against corruption and economic inequality. Michael McFaul looks at whether or not Trump is undercutting his message by stirring the pot in a country where he is deeply unpopular. watch

Rep. Cohen: Trump is "the most despicable human being" ever to be president

Rep. Cohen blasts President Trump over personality traits

12/31/17 02:34PM

Congressman Steve Cohen fired off criticism of President Trump over his performance as a father to eleven-year-old Barron Trump. Does this transgress an unspoken rule in politics? Rep. Cohen defends his comments and doubles down on his stark assessment of President Trump's character. watch

Apuzzo: Russians saw Papadopoulos as "way into Trump campaign"

Apuzzo: Russians saw Papadopoulos as "way into Trump campaign"

12/31/17 10:57AM

A New York Times investigation is now disrupting an oft-repeated GOP criticism of the FBI's Russia inquiry. Matt Apuzzo explains how his sources revealed a tip from Australian intelligence that may originate the FBI's Russia probe with an incident involving a former Trump advisor, George Papadopoulos. watch

Lehigh Univ. Professor: Trump is a "devout racist"

2017 in Review: Race relations under President Trump

12/30/17 02:56PM

As President Trump's first year in office draws to a close, we examine how the issue of racial equality has progressed under his administration. After protests marred by violence drew controversial responses from the president, Sheinelle Jones and her panel review moments from this year that steered the national conversation about race. watch

Fmr. U.S. Attorney: Idea that Russia probe is 'witch hunt' has been "put to rest"

New report undercuts basis for GOP attacks on Russia probe

12/30/17 02:46PM

A new investigation reveals that a basis for the FBI's Russia probe was a tip from allied intelligence officers, and not the infamous Steele dossier as many of the probe's detractors have claimed. Former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade discusses how this may shape the investigation as it grinds forward. Sheinelle Jones in for Alex. watch

Fmr. CIA Officer: Trump's characterization of FBI is "nonsense"

Fmr. CIA officer rebukes Trump's insults of FBI

12/30/17 02:39PM

John Sipher, a former CIA officer, reacts to comments from the president and other high-profile Republican leaders that have called into question the independence and integrity of the FBI. Then Sipher interprets Trump's remarks in an impromptu interview with The New York Times. Philip Mena in for Alex Witt. watch

Rep. Dingell: "Disturbing" GOP had no interest in working with Dems on taxes

Trump's agenda forcing Democrats to rethink hardline stance

12/30/17 02:29PM

After the Republican tax plan sailed through Congress and the prospects of future GOP legislation gain steam, Democrats are deciding whether or not compromise with President Trump's party is worth the political fallout. Rep. Debbie Dingell lays out a case for cooperating with the GOP when it benefits her constituents. Philip Mena in for Alex. watch

Rep. Garamendi: "More than 80%" of tax cuts go to top 1%

Rep. Garamendi calls out uneven benefits in GOP tax bill

12/24/17 11:53AM

On the heels of the passage of the Republicans' tax reform legislation, Congressman John Garamendi (D-CA) disputes the merits of a bill projected to add around $1 trillion to the national debt. Garamendi describes how the reform could potentially hurt health care markets for his constituents. watch

Phang: Congressional Russia probe "a whole lot of political theatre"

Russia probe plodding along in Congress

12/24/17 11:48AM

Katie Phang sizes up the House's Russia investigation after we're learning that Democrats had limited opportunity to participate in an interview of longtime Trump assistant Rhona Graff. watch


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