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E.g., 3/18/2018
Elliot: "You could waste your entire existence" analyzing Trump's tweets

Trump's World: One year later, how have things changed?

01/14/18 04:14PM

How has the world been shaped by President Trump's unique style and Twitter feed? TIME Washington correspondent Philip Elliot reviews how our assumptions and perceptions of the highest office in America have been altered by Donald Trump. watch

Rep. Norton: Evidence of Trump's racism comes "out of his own mouth"

Rep. Norton finds Trump's remarks 'racist'

01/13/18 03:16PM

President Trump, according to several news outlets and a sitting senator, derided immigrants from African nations. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton responds to these remarks that she finds explicitly racist. watch

Can Trump be forced to interview with Bob Mueller?

Can Trump be forced to interview with Bob Mueller?

01/13/18 03:10PM

President Trump has apparently flip-flopped on the question of a potential interview with Special Counsel Bob Mueller. Former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg discusses what Mueller might extract from such a meeting, were he able to sit down with the president. watch

Trump gets "exceptionally" clean bill of health

Trump gets "exceptionally" clean bill of health

01/13/18 02:39PM

Dr. John Torres breaks down the report from President Trump's first physical exam while in office. Only a brief summary of the report was released by the White House so far, is this keeping in line with past presidents? Dr. Torres explains what we learned. watch

Chang: Sanctions prompting North Korea to open dialogue with South

North Koreans reactivate defunct hotline with South Korea

01/07/18 03:16PM

In advance of the 2018 Olympic Games, North Korea reestablished a previously neglected hotline with South Korea in order to discuss their potential participation in this year's Olympic Games. Are these talks a proxy for broader diplomatic dialogue? North Korea expert Gordon Chang weighs in. watch

Troll Panel: Are we prepared for Russian midterm meddling?

Troll Panel: Are we prepared for Russian midterm meddling?

01/07/18 03:04PM

New reports continue to unravel Russia's complicated and still-undefined role in our presidential elections. How prepared are we for the midterm campaigns just getting underway? Alex and her panel consider just how vulnerable our election infrastructure still is to undue influence. watch

Rep. Yarmuth on Trump's intellect and border wall demands

Rep. Yarmuth on Trump's intellect and border wall demands

01/07/18 02:49PM

In an unexpected defense from the podium, President Trump reviewed his educational pedigree that, he believes, supports his claims of mental stability and intelligence. Congressman John Yarmuth reports on his interview with a psychiatrist who analyzed President Trump's public behavior. Then, Yarmuth blasts Trump's border wall demands. watch

LaHood on infrastructure repair: "America is one big pothole"

Republicans set to tackle major infrastructure projects

01/07/18 02:37PM

As the GOP swept their tax cut package through Congress, the next item on the agenda is likely to feature a significant infrastructure package. Former Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood offers his take on how Republicans should approach these fixes to our decaying roads and bridges, and whether or not the plan could involve bipartisan efforts. watch

How could the 25th amendment be invoked?

How could the 25th amendment be invoked?

01/07/18 02:23PM

Recent proclamations from President Trump have suggested, to some in the media and Congress, that his mental stability may be a cause for concern. Former federal prosecutor Steven Mulroy describes what the process of implementing the 25th amendment would look like. watch


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