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E.g., 3/25/2018
Intelligence Expert: "Absolutely" Russians affected election outcome

How successful was Russian disinformation campaign?

02/18/18 03:18PM

'Reflexive control' is a psychological tactic that conditions people to react in specific and predictable ways. How did the Russians use this maneuver during their 2016 campaign to muddle the election process? Alex and her panel of intelligence experts discuss. watch

Jill Stein: Not aware of Russian effort to help my campaign

Jill Stein reacts to Mueller indictment showing Russian support

02/18/18 01:11PM

Jill Stein is reacting to Special Counsel Mueller's comprehensive indictment of the Russian campaign to influence the 2016 election. The document also details Russia's support for her, though Stein retorts that Mueller only mentions one ad, and "that's it." Does she think Russia managed to change any votes in her favor? watch

Parkland student to Congress: "This is our fight now, because you messed it up"

Parkland students organize after deadly mass shooting

02/18/18 01:09PM

Stoneman Douglas students are speaking out after their classmates were gunned down in one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history. Seniors Emma Gonzalez and Sofie Whitney are no longer waiting for a congressional response. They will helm a nation-wide protest in March where students will take to the streets to demand action on gun... watch

Rep. Garamendi: Trump "has taken no action" to protect country from Russia

Rep. Garamendi blasts Trump's response to Russia indictments

02/17/18 03:44PM

President Trump responded to recent indictments in the Russia probe by assuring his followers of "no collusion" with respect to the Trump campaign's alleged involvement. Congressman John Garamendi believes Trump's response falls far short of what is necessary to defend this country against a sustained assault on our democracy. watch

Mueller indictment begs question: what's next?

Mueller indictment begs question: what's next?

02/17/18 03:37PM

Special Counsel Bob Mueller released an indictment of 13 individuals and three companies involved in a coordinated effort to disrupt the American electoral process. The charge does not directly implicate the president or his associates, but could Mueller be making his way closer to the Oval Office? Alex and her panel discuss. watch

Stoneman Douglas Teacher: 'The kids needed me,' so I did not cry

Parkland teacher blames easy access to assault weapons

02/17/18 03:29PM

Stoneman Douglas High School teacher Melissa Falkowski recounts the harrowing experience of hiding from a teenage gunman who laid siege to her school, killing 17. Falkowski believes that regardless of the FBI's failure to follow up on a possible tip-off to the suspect, he should not have had access to an AR-15 in the first place. watch

2016 Pres. Candidate O'Malley: "Every state has a responsibility to act" on gun violence

Martin O'Malley rips country that lets kids die in mass shootings

02/17/18 03:16PM

Former Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is denouncing American leaders who preside over a country where children die from school shootings on a semi-regular basis. He draws on his experience as Maryland's governor, where he helped pass gun safety legislation despite significant pushback. watch

GOP Rep. Rooney: We have to give up some freedom for sake of gun safety

After Parkland, GOP Rep. Rooney calls for new gun safety laws

02/17/18 03:07PM

After a teenage gunman slaughtered 17 people in a Parkland, Florida high school, Rep. Francis Rooney - a Republican - is calling on Congress to enact new gun safety legislation. When pressed on the necessity that assault weapons, like the one used in the shooting, be available to the public, Rooney suggests the status quo may have to change. watch

Trump accuser Samantha Holvey: "What has [Trump] ever done for women?"

Trump accuser decries Trump admin response to abuse allegations

02/11/18 03:10PM

Samantha Holvey, who has accused President Trump of sexual misconduct, is speaking out after the White House became embroiled in a new controversy relating to allegations of domestic violence made against two staffers. Holvey finds Trump's response to this scandal "disgusting." watch

Peter Baker on Porter scandal: This White House is in turmoil

Amid Porter scandal, reports of turmoil inside White House

02/11/18 03:03PM

Peter Baker takes us inside the White House in the wake of several domestic abuse scandals rocking the Trump administration. President Trump inflamed tensions when he lamented on Twitter that people's lives were being ruined over a "mere" allegation. watch

Fmr. FBI Asst. Director: Rob Porter could have been a target for blackmail

Did Rob Porter abuse allegations compromise national security?

02/11/18 02:56PM

Robert Anderson, a former FBI assistant director, explains how Rob Porter's failure to acquire a permanent White House security clearance may implicate national security concerns. Anderson dives into how the allegations of domestic abuse made against Porter complicate the matter even further. watch

Rep. Smith: No one has politicized Intel Committee like Devin Nunes

Tensions flare over Trump blocking Democratic memo

02/11/18 02:51PM

Congressman Adam Smith is alleging that recent moves to block the Democrats from releasing their intelligence memo were made to "confuse the issue so much that people stop paying attention." Will the memo ever see the light of day? Rep. Smith makes the case for releasing it to the public. watch

Katie Phang on blocking Dem memo: What is Trump administration hiding? Let it out.

Why is Trump blocking release of Democratic rebuttal memo?

02/11/18 02:45PM

Democrats on the House Intel Committee have prepared an intelligence memo responding to allegations of anti-Trump partisanship levied against the FBI by Republicans. But President Trump won't allow the Democratic response to move forward. Why? Katie Phang breaks it down. watch

GOP Rep. Lance: I urge Pres. Trump to condemn acts of domestic violence

GOP Rep. Lance on Porter scandal and Trump blocking Dem memo

02/11/18 02:36PM

Republican Congressman Leonard Lance is urging the president to condemn domestic abuse in the wake of a scandal engulfing multiple aides. Lance vows to speak out against violence "wherever and whenever it occurs." Plus, Rep. Lance has read both the GOP and Democratic memos, and is now calling for the release of the Democrats'. watch


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