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E.g., 12/17/2017
Longtime Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown on...

Longtime Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown on Trump, the New Yorker

12/03/17 04:37PM

As Vanity Fair's editor-in-chief in the late 80s, Tina Brown had her fair share of encounters with then-real estate developer Donald Trump. In her new book, "The Vanity Fair Diaries," Brown recalls eight years of sizing up New York society, characters and scandals galore. watch

Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump is committing...

Rep. Lieu skeptical of W.H. explanation for Flynn tweet

12/03/17 04:28PM

Congressman Ted Lieu, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, does not believe the White House's line that President Trump's lawyer fired off a potentially incriminating tweet. Lieu argues that even if a lawyer drafts a tweet for the president, the president "owned it" by allowing it to be posted to his account. watch

Dan Rather: "No, I can't respect" the tone...

Dan Rather on "dissent" and the Trump presidency

12/03/17 04:21PM

Veteran journalist Dan Rather joins Alex Witt for a wide-ranging interview that touches on Richard Nixon, suffragettes, NFL protests, civic discourse, and the distinctive nature of the Trump presidency. His new book on the American political psyche is called, "What Unites Us." watch

Legendary Washington Post editor Bradlee...

Legendary Washington Post editor Bradlee featured in new HBO doc

12/03/17 04:09PM

A new HBO documentary depicts iconic Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee as he heralded the paper through landmark political developments, such as the Pentagon Papers and Watergate scandal. Bradlee's widow (and WaPo columnist herself) Sally Quinn and director John Maggio join. watch

Rep. Heck: "Collusion is hiding in plain...

New e-mails embroil Flynn, Kushner, McFarland in Russia probe

12/03/17 04:03PM

Congressman Denny Heck, who sits on the House Intel Committee, argues that the Russia probe is closing in on the White House. While he says that the outcome must not be predetermined, Heck does state that the inquiry is "half a step away from the presidency." watch

Stuttaford: Republicans passing tax cuts...

Conservative columnist predicts Dem wins after GOP tax bill

12/02/17 04:15PM

A contributing editor for the conservative National Review, Andrew Stuttaford predicts in a recent article that the GOP's tax plan will result in major Democratic victories. Stuttaford has also soured on the lofty promises made by the bill's backers in the Senate. He discusses the tax plan with Alex. watch

Wine-Banks: "Plenty of evidence" for...

Trump weighs into Flynn plea deal with perplexing tweet

12/02/17 03:20PM

President Trump offered his thoughts on the special counsel's plea deal with Michael Flynn, but it is unclear whether he is admitting to firing his onetime National Security Advisor because he knew at the time about Flynn's lie to the FBI. Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks discusses. watch

Gen. McCaffrey: "No way" Trump wasn't...

Flynn plea deal raises question of 'who knew what, when?'

12/02/17 02:42PM

Former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn just pled guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador. Retired Army Lieutenant Barry McCaffrey discusses whether or not this could potentially implicate President Trump. watch

Peterson: "Hatred" is the norm in our...

Lack of civil discourse creating schism in our society

11/26/17 05:12PM

Partisanship is increasingly becoming the norm in our society, according to polls of self-identified Democrats and Republicans. Is there a way we can restore a common sense of civic normalcy? Alex and her panel discuss how we got to this point, and whether or not these divisions are beyond repair. watch

"Save the Children" gives kids worldwide a...

"Save the Children" gives kids worldwide a chance to thrive

11/26/17 04:09PM

Ettore Rossetti of "Save the Children" talks about his organization's work providing kids with a stable foundation for their adolescence. They reach hundreds of millions of children each year and offer support in times of crisis for especially vulnerable populations. watch


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