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E.g., 7/17/2018
Report: McConnell’s picks for SCOTUS

Report: McConnell’s picks for SCOTUS

07/08/18 01:57PM

The New York Times reports Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is advising President Trump on who he believes should be chosen as the next Supreme Court Justice. Amy Howe, co-founder of SCOTUS Blog, has more. watch

Fmr. UN Amb.: Crucial to give local experts space during crisis

Fmr. UN Amb.: Crucial to give local experts space during crisis

07/08/18 12:07PM

Former Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson explains why support from the international community is helpful during times of crisis, but local experts should be given “space and all the support they need…don’t interfere.” The former governor of New Mexico tells Alex Witt why this thinking helped Thai navy seals with the cave rescue... watch

Report: Giuliani calls for new terms for interview with Mueller

Report: Giuliani calls for new terms for interview with Mueller

07/07/18 11:32AM

The New York Times reports President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is calling for special counsel Robert Mueller’s team to prove it has evidence suggesting the president committed a crime. This is the latest term by Trump’s legal team for a potential sit-down between Mueller and President Trump. MSNBC Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos has more. watch

Melania Trump’s fmr. immigration lawyer: toddlers alone in court ‘absurd’

Attorneys: Immigrant toddlers to appear in court alone

07/01/18 12:00PM

Attorneys in Texas, California and Washington, D.C. say children as young as three are appearing in court alone for their deportation hearings as they remain separated from their families. Melania Trump’s fmr. immigration lawyer, Michael WIldes, says that giving a three year old a list of lawyers is “absurd.” watch

U.S. officials: North Korea increasing nuclear production at secret sites

North Korea is reportedly producing more nuclear fuel

07/01/18 12:00PM

U.S. officials tell NBC News North Korea has not made an attempt to de-nuclearize and is ramping up its nuclear weapons in secret locations since the June 12 summit. NBC Chief International and Security and Diplomacy Analyst, Admiral James Stavridis explains what this means going forward. watch

Pres. and CEO of NAACP: “Everything is at stake”

Anthony Kennedy’s departure could potentially affect voting...

07/01/18 12:00PM

As President Trump gets ready to announce his Supreme Court pick, new questions about how the departure of Justice Anthony Kennedy could potentially affect more than just abortion. The President and CEO of the NAACP discusses the impact Pres. Trump’s SCOTUS choice could have on the future of voting rights and affirmative action. watch

A supreme battle arises between Republicans and Democrats

Pres. Trump set to announce SCOTUS on July 9th

06/30/18 11:43AM

President Trump’s confirmation of the next Supreme Court pick is creating a political war between Republicans and the Democrats. NBC’S Steve Kornacki breaks down potential outcomes and what to look forward to in the Senate. watch


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