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E.g., 2/19/2018
Rep. Charlie Dent: So far "I like what I see" in GOP tax plan

Charlie Dent bullish on GOP tax cut proposal

12/16/17 03:00PM

Rep. Charlie Dent believes that with the Republican plan to revamp the tax system, they can bring the code into the 21st century. While Dent notes some drawbacks in his colleagues' proposal - such as the repeal of the individual mandate - he believes that as the public learns more about the bill they'll see the beneficial aspects. watch

Fmr. Prosecutor: "Too little too late" for Flynn to be shielded from Mueller probe

Trump not ready to discuss Flynn pardon, "yet"

12/16/17 02:18PM

President Trump launched multiple new invectives against the FBI, and left open a discussion about a prospective pardon for Michael Flynn. Steven Mulroy and Bobby Chacon consider the implications at this new stage of the Russia probe. watch

Rep. Dingell: "We cannot use taxpayer money" to fund congressional harassment settlements

Rep. Dingell presses for harassment reforms in Congress

12/10/17 05:49PM

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell speaks with Alex Witt about the urgent need for improvements in how Congress handles sexual misconduct allegations. She calls for both parties to step up and address the problematic members within their caucuses. watch

Rep. Lawrence: "The president has a long way to go" on civil rights

Rep. Brenda Lawrence excoriates Trump's civil rights record

12/10/17 05:15PM

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence describes President Trump's inauguration of new civil rights museums in Mississippi as "the most sedated speech" she's heard in a long time, adding that she felt it was "almost uncomfortable" for him to read it. Lawrence sits down with Alex Witt and offers her assessment of President... watch

Ambassador Nikki Haley: Trump’s accusers ‘should be heard’

Ambassador Nikki Haley: Trump’s accusers ‘should be heard’

12/10/17 04:40PM

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that the women who accused President Donald Trump of sexual impropriety have a right to be heard. “The Bill Press Show” host Bill Press and “Bold” founder Carrie Sheffield weigh in on what this could mean for Trump’s future. watch

Peter Baker: "Television on when he goes to sleep. Television's on when he gets up."

Sweeping new report reveals inner-workings of Trump's White House

12/10/17 01:54PM

A wide-ranging new report from The New York Times dives deep into President Trump's daily routine inside the White House. Television, diet cokes, and tweets abound. One of the report's authors, Peter Baker, joins Alex Witt for a fascinating look inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. watch

Rep. Al Green: "Due process is impeachment"

Rep. Al Green defends impeachment attempts

12/09/17 03:24PM

Congressman Al Green argues that it is appropriate to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Why doesn't he think this is premature when the Russia probe has yet to conclude? Hear his reasons in a conversation with Alex Witt. watch

Wine-Banks: More evidence President Trump "compromised by Russia"

F.B.I. warned Hope Hicks about Russian attempts to lure her

12/09/17 03:18PM

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks brings important context to the latest developments out of the Russia probe: White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was the reported target of a Russian intelligence operation, and a new poll shows little confidence in the Trump campaign's innocence. watch

Rep. Reed: We're at a "watershed moment" with sexual harassment

Rep. Reed on harassment reforms and Republican tax cut package

12/09/17 02:54PM

Republican Congressman Tom Reed addresses Trump's endorsement of embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore, recent revelations of sexual misconduct, and the Republicans' impending tax cut package. He says, "middle class America is going to get a tax cut" if the proposal is signed into law. watch

Rep. Renacci: No more public money for secret settlements in Congress

Rep. Renacci calls for harassment reforms and defends tax plan

12/09/17 02:42PM

In the wake of major new accusations of sexual impropriety on Capitol Hill and a Republican tax overhaul, Congressman Jim Renacci (R-OH) responds to President Trump's endorsement of Roy Moore. Then he explains why he believes American companies are in need of a tax cut. watch

Longtime Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown on...

Longtime Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown on Trump, the New Yorker

12/03/17 04:37PM

As Vanity Fair's editor-in-chief in the late 80s, Tina Brown had her fair share of encounters with then-real estate developer Donald Trump. In her new book, "The Vanity Fair Diaries," Brown recalls eight years of sizing up New York society, characters and scandals galore. watch

Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump is committing...

Rep. Lieu skeptical of W.H. explanation for Flynn tweet

12/03/17 04:28PM

Congressman Ted Lieu, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, does not believe the White House's line that President Trump's lawyer fired off a potentially incriminating tweet. Lieu argues that even if a lawyer drafts a tweet for the president, the president "owned it" by allowing it to be posted to his account. watch


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