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E.g., 2/20/2018
Rep. Garamendi: DACA negotiations have made progress, but Trump proposal is "non-starter"

Rep. Garamendi: Trump's DACA proposal is "non-starter"

01/27/18 03:13PM

Congress and the White House are currently embroiled in a heated conflict over how to solve the DACA issue while reforming immigration levels as a whole. Congressman John Garamendi slaps down the White House's proposal and discusses what is needed to move forward from this political stalemate. watch

GOP Rep. Charlie Dent: "We ought to let Director Mueller do his work."

Charlie Dent seeks to protect Mueller, breaking with many in GOP

01/27/18 03:07PM

Many Republicans are ramping up their attacks on Special Counsel Bob Mueller as the Russia investigation proceeds closer into the Oval Office. In the midst of all this, GOP Congressman Charlie is calling on Congress to support legislation which would offer Mueller some job security, breaking with many of the critics in his own party. watch

Rep. Yarmuth: Tax bill "exacerbates the disparity in wealth and income in the country"

Rep. John Yarmuth finds uneven benefits in GOP tax bill

01/27/18 02:53PM

As the political and economic effects from the Republican tax cut package start to trickle down into the national conversation, Congressman John Yarmuth argues that the actual economic benefits for his constituents are scant compared to what the head honchos are raking in. watch

Rep. Lieu: I would consider paying "ransom" for Trump's wall as part of deal

Rep. Lieu considers wall funding in exchange for DACA deal

01/21/18 02:55PM

As an ongoing government shutdown grinds many federal services to a halt, Congressman Ted Lieu offers a bargaining chip to reach a compromise with Republicans on immigration reform, which would allow Congress to proceed with a bipartisan resolution to restore government funding. watch

Rev. Graham: U.S. has "sin problem;" Trump has "concern for Christian values"

Reverend Graham assails U.S. moral character, praises Pres. Trump

01/20/18 11:10AM

Although Rev. Franklin Graham believes that Donald Trump is not "President Perfect," he has faith in the president's stewardship of Christian values. Graham calls for a humane fix to the DACA impasse, and dismisses reports that Trump used vulgarities to describe African immigrants. watch

Elliot: "You could waste your entire existence" analyzing Trump's tweets

Trump's World: One year later, how have things changed?

01/14/18 04:14PM

How has the world been shaped by President Trump's unique style and Twitter feed? TIME Washington correspondent Philip Elliot reviews how our assumptions and perceptions of the highest office in America have been altered by Donald Trump. watch


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