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E.g., 2/20/2018
Phang: Trump tweet about memo vindicating him "doesn't make any sense"

Does GOP memo hold up to basic legal scrutiny?

02/04/18 04:05PM

Legal analyst Katie Phang says that the Republicans' Russia memo does not meet the actual legal standard needed to revoke a surveillance warrant that is the target of their ire. Phang calls the document "political theatre." watch

Holtzman: Nunes memo "just a partisan hit job"

Watergate-era congresswoman slams GOP Russia memo

02/04/18 03:53PM

Former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman, who helped prepare articles of impeachment against President Nixon, blasts the release of a Republican memo that purports to discredit the FBI's Russia probe on a party-line basis. watch

Trump administration ends Obama-era policy limiting nukes

Trump administration ends Obama-era policy limiting nukes

02/03/18 03:18PM

The Pentagon under President Trump has unveiled a new policy expanding the circumstances under which nuclear weapons may be used. Nuclear security analyst Joe Cirincione considers the repercussions such a policy could have in this era of heightened tensions with nuke-equipped North Korea. watch

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: Nunes's "cherry-picked" memo is "a fraud"

Fmr. prosecutor defends FISA warrant under attack in GOP memo

02/03/18 03:12PM

Republicans critiquing the FBI's surveillance of Trump associate Carter Page are grabbing onto allegations that the underlying warrant may have withheld information about a critical source. But former federal prosecutor Sam Buell is pushing back on that notion, saying that "you're not required to disclose everything" in a... watch

Rep. Cohen: "Oxymoron" to say 'intel chairman' and 'Nunes'

After memo release, Rep. Cohen warns Rosenstein's job not safe

02/03/18 02:59PM

Congressman Steve Cohen responds to accusations leveled against the FBI and DOJ in a new memo produced by Republican members of the House Intel Committee. In the wake of the document's release, Rep. Cohen observes that Deputy A.G. Rosenstein's job may be in jeopardy. watch

Fmr. FBI Assistant Director: If memo is released, I will call for criminal investigation of Nunes

What do origins of Russia memo reveal about its significance?

01/28/18 04:15PM

Fmr. FBI Asst. Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi calls for the criminal investigation of Rep. Devin Nunes if Nunes's memo – which may contain classified intel – is improperly released to the public. Figliuzzi looks at how this document has become a partisan flashpoint in an otherwise straitlaced probe of Russian meddling. watch

Rep. Boyle: "It's a shame that the bar on the presidency is now so low"

STABLE GENIUS Act would require mental exams of pres. candidates

01/28/18 03:51PM

Congressman Brendan Boyle introduces his new piece of legislation that would require presidential candidates to undergo mental fitness exams. Then he discusses how new revelations about President Trump ordering Mueller's firing could overshadow the president's State of the Union address. watch

Fmr. Carter Speechwriter: State of our union is "chaotic," and "unhappy"

Ahead of Trump's speech, what is the State of Our Union?

01/28/18 03:26PM

Former speechwriter for President Carter Hendrik Hertzberg joins Alex to consider the state of our union before President Trump delivers his remarks to Congress. What should Trump say to unify a country often at odds with itself? Hertzberg offers some advice to the president. watch

Fmr. Fed. Prosecutor: #ReleaseTheMemo part of pattern to smear Bob Mueller

#ReleaseTheMemo divides Trump administration

01/28/18 03:17PM

The Department of Justice has taken a vastly different tack on the potential release of a Russia memo than President Trump reportedly has. Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah explains how the unveiling of this document is being used by some for political purposes. watch


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