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Living in fear of terrorism

Living in fear of terrorism

11/21/15 01:51PM

The latest NBC News online poll shows a majority of Americans are worried that they or someone in their family might become the victim of a terrorist attack. Spirituality expert and author Deepak Chopra speaks on how Americans should not live in fear of terrorism. watch

EU agrees to tighten security

EU agrees to tighten security in passport-free zone

11/21/15 01:16PM

In the wake of the recent Paris attacks, members of the European Union are quickly moving ahead with plans to tighten up security in the passport-free zone, which is made up of 26 European countries. MSNBC’s Olivia Sterns gives an update on this development. watch

Americans in Brussels urged to stay home

US Embassy tells Americans in Brussels to stay home

11/21/15 01:01PM

The Belgium capital is on lockdown after intelligence pointed to the possibility of a serious terrorist attack there. Brussels is on the highest state of alert with subways closed and heavily armed personnel in the streets. NBC’s Caludio Lavanga explains why the U.S. Embassy in Brussels has urged Americans to stay home during this lock down. watch

NYPD head: ‘We won’t be intimidated’

NYPD head: ‘We won’t be intimidated’

11/21/15 07:38AM

The attacks in Paris and Mali are raising new concerns in the U.S. about the possibility of an attack. A video released by ISIS this week, appeared to threaten New York City. The city’s police commissioner quickly spoke to diminish those fears. Former FBI special agent Don Borelli shares his thoughts on these apparent threats. watch

Terror alert in effect in Brussels

Terror alert in effect in Brussels

11/21/15 07:07AM

The crisis alert level has been raised to a level four in Belgium, indicating a serious and immediate threat. Executive Director of The Terror Asymmetrics Project, Malcolm Nance, speaks on this terror alert. watch


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