Rep. Black: House Republicans provided ‘an opportunity’ for the Senate


Republican Rep. Diane Black says that House Republicans “are not shutting the government down,” but instead “we’re giving the senators an opportunity to take a look at what we’re sending over to them.”

House Republicans delivered the people what they wanted when the House passed a measure to delay Obamacare and repeal a medical device tax this weekend. Rep. Black said “It is harmful to the American people, and we’re doing what they asked us to do.  And that is to delay it until it can be ready for primetime.”

The former nurse delineated some of her problems with the Affordable Care Act beyond the medical device tax that includes what she sees as a faulty IT system to verify people’s income.

“That was the wrong direction for us to take.  We need to stop, pause, look at what’s good, keep what’s good, and throw out what’s bad, and ensure the American people that we’re not going to have harmful effects by this law,” she said on Weekends with Alex Witt.

Watch Alex’s entire interview with Representative Black above.

Rep. Black: House Republicans provided 'an opportunity' for the Senate