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The North Korean ‘State of War’


North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s declaration of a “State of War” with South Korea sent shock-waves through international security circles. Former New Mexico Gov. and U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson visited Weekends with Alex Witt to discuss the latest provocations with Thomas Roberts.

Asked about the latest developments on the Korean Peninsular, Gov. Richardson told msnbc, ”The worry I have is a military skirmish in The Yellow Sea…Every few years they test the new South Korean leader and I think they’re testing her…and basically taking steps that would mean that she may have to retaliate, that’s the danger.”

In addition to the recent ramping up of rhetoric, more subversive North Korean activities such as the recent cyber attack against South Korean banks and media have also caught the attention of the Obama administration. One senior White House official recently told the New York Times, ”We’re worried about what he’s going to do next, but we’re not worried about what he seems to be threatening to do next.”

Richardson agreed that Un is a volatile figure as the young leader could act unpredictably prove his resolve to hard line generals that may be skeptical of  his lack of military or leadership experience. The recent deployment of a pair of B2 bombers was “the right step” for the US to take according to Richardson,  but nonetheless “cool heads should prevail.”

The North Korean 'State of War'