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Rep: Obama’s speech on race ‘was wonderful’


The “Justice for Trayvon” vigils were not only places for individuals to collectively grieve but also were representative of the trend of young people taking an active role in protesting misguided policies, said Democratic Rep. Karen Bass of California Saturday on Weekends with Alex Witt.

Bass said that Floridians were holding a sit-in at the Capitol in an effort to urge Governor Scott to repeal the “Stand Your Ground” law. The law is key to a case that will be tried in September. It involves the death of a young black man who was allegedly playing his music too loud. He was shot and killed by a man claiming “Stand Your Ground.”

Bass also said that “it was wonderful to hear” President Obama speak about the George Zimmerman verdict and the profiling that young, African-American men experience regularly.

“Just because it is not your personal experience, does not mean it does not exist,” she said.

Congresswomen Bass also highlighted the necessity of helping vulnerable youth. She told Alex that there are people working to address problems of youth violence and poverty on a daily basis, however, they are operated on a shoestring budget with limited resources.  “There needs to be a commitment in this country for our youth period, and especially our vulnerable youth.”

Rep: Obama's speech on race 'was wonderful'