Rep. Holt: I’m the progressive in this race


“I’ve presented my background, I’m a teacher, a scientists, and a true to the bone progressive.” New Jersey Democratic Senate Candidate Rush Holt said Saturday on Weekends with Alex Witt.

Holt is currently third in the polls behind Democrats Rep. Frank Pallone, and Newark Mayor Cory Booker. He tells msnbc’s Alex Witt why he is the best candidate and why the front runner Booker is not.

Unlike Booker, “I’m getting traction on issues…I have a good campaign operation to identify with supporters,” he said

Holt’s most recent  campaign ad shows him “hammering on the issues” and accuses Booker of acting like a leading candidate and “keeping quiet and smiling a lot,” instead of addressing the issues at hand.

The special election for New Jersey’s open Senate seat is Tuesday August 13th.