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How the ‘Daily Show’ co-creator uses Twitter to hone her comedy


Comedienne Lizz Winstead recalled how she came to co-found The Daily Show on Comedy Central, in a new interview with msnbc’s Alex Witt for an “Office Politics” segment.

“The one thing I said to them was, ‘If we do a show, to make it fresh, unlike Weekend Update, or unlike Laugh In or other shows that have done social commentary.’ I wanted the show itself to be a character. I wanted to use the conventions, I wanted it to look like if you turned the sound down, you wouldn’t know if it was real news or not.”

The author of “Lizz Free or Die” explained how she uses Twitter in her writing, trying out stand-up material for jokes in her tweets.

“So the reason that I’m on Twitter so much is that I’m actually using everyone as a test balloon on material that—so I can see what parts of a story people want to hear about, what parts of a story are resonating with people, so then in turn I know that maybe that’s what I’ll focus my material on. And so you may see me writing nine jokes about Mark Sanford, but I’ll pick the best three. And so that’s why I’m out there so much. And I always say to people, ‘You know, hide me, you can unfollow me, I get it.’ But it’s really a writing tool that has been incredibly helpful and amazing for me creatively.”

“Lizz Free or Die” comes out in paperback May 7.


How the 'Daily Show' co-creator uses Twitter to hone her comedy