Former businessmen find ‘Gold’ in Ghana


When the market fails where do you go? For former real-estate entrepreneurs, George Wright & Scott Lomu, the answer was Ghana. Now Wright and Lomu are the stars of Discovery Channel’s Jungle Gold.

“Everything that happens is real,” Lomu said to MSNBC’s Alex Witt. “George and I always joke, we say, we should take the guy on Twitter who hates us the most, who thinks it’s fake and bring him out for five days…He would last two days and come back and go, yes, it’s all real.”

Wright and Lomu said keeping a schedule on the mining side, along with security protocols and safety issues in the location where they mine, keep them on their feet.

Jungle Gold airs  Sunday nights on Discovery Channel, 10:00 Eastern.


Former businessmen find 'Gold' in Ghana