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Why is the Dem debate on a Saturday night?

Why is the Democratic debate on a Saturday night?

12/19/15 09:25AM

A new poll shows Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie with Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, where Saturday night's debate is taking place. Fmr. Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, Mother Jones' David Corn, Republican strategist Tom Doherty and The Fix's Janell Ross debate who will come out on top and why it's happening on a Saturday... watch

'Viagra bill' mimics state's restrictions...

'Viagra bill' mimics state's restrictions on abortion

12/19/15 08:37AM

What would happen if men had to jump over the same hurdles to get Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs, as women have to clear in order to gain access to abortion services? South Carolina State Rep. Mia McLeod is introducing a bill to find out. She joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss. watch

Obama's role as 'Consoler-in-Chief'

Obama's role as 'Consoler-in-Chief' for grieving families

12/19/15 08:03AM

On the morning after President Obama visited with victims' family members and first responders in San Bernardo, California, former White House staff member Joshua DuBoiswe, who accompanied the president to Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012 after the Sandy Hook shootings, joins "UP" to discuss. watch

First responders push for renewal of benefits

'I've been to 149 funerals, each one gets harder'

12/13/15 09:42AM

As Congress prepares to wrap up its legislative session this week, medical treatment and compensation for 9/11 first responders, recovery workers and survivors ensured by the Zadroga Act hinges on one piece of unfinished business. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., Ground Zero Demolition Supervisor John Feal and Dr. Michael Crane, Director of the... watch

Shakeup in race for the Republican nomination

Shakeup in race for the Republican nomination

12/13/15 09:01AM

A New NBC News WSJ poll indicates a three-way race might be emerging, while another new poll shows Ted Cruz surging in Iowa. The Washington Post's Robert Costa and Elahe Izadi, Republican straegist O'Brien Murray and Democratic strategist Tara Dowdell join to discuss. watch

'Islamophobia is on the rise'

'Islamophobia is on the rise'

12/12/15 09:19AM

Haroon Moghul of the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding and President of the Republican Muslim Coalition Saba Ahmed join MSNBC's Richard Lui to discuss the effects of Trump's anti-Muslim remarks on the Muslim-American community and how a climate watch

How is Bowe Bergdahl defending himself?

How is Bowe Bergdahl defending himself?

12/12/15 08:15AM

Season 2 of the hit podcast Serial reveals new audio of Bowe Berghdal defending his decision to leave his base. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Corn joins MSNBC's Richard Lui to discuss. watch


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