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What we should know

What we should know

11/10/13 10:09AM

Steve Kornacki, Mary Bono, Eleanor Clift, Shannyn Moore and Ari Berman talk about what they now know heading into next week. watch

Optimistic about ENDA

Optimistic about ENDA

11/10/13 09:29AM

Gregory Angelo explains whether the GOP-controlled House will follow the Senate and pass the Employee Non-Discrimination Act. watch

Whig Party reboot

Whig Party reboot

11/10/13 09:22AM

Robert Bucholz talks about his election and whether the Whig Party is ready to make a comeback in America. watch

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie greets supporters after his election night victory speech in Asbury Park, New Jersey November 5, 2013.

Chris Christie kicks off charm offensive

11/10/13 04:00AM

Newly re-elected Gov. Chris Christie sought to distance himself from “the Washington D.C. game” on Sunday, saying his focus was strictly on working to improve the economy in his home state. read more

What’s next for Christie?

What’s next for Christie?

11/09/13 11:20AM

An Up panel talks about Chris Christie’s political future and how big a factor the Tea Party will be in tamping down his front-runner status. watch


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