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Catching up on other news this week

Catching up on other news from this week

01/10/15 09:43AM

The UP guests catch up on some other news this week, including an NBA player donning a “Je Suis Charlie” shirt, signs of economic improvement, Boston’s 2024 Olympic bid, George Zimmerman’s new arrest, “professional cuddling,” and Joe Biden’s charm. watch

France sits on edge

France sits on edge

01/10/15 09:01AM

As the manhunt in France continues, NBC’s Bill Neely reports on the tense situation on the ground in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, and Gen. Wesley Clark weighs in on what these events mean for the greater fight against terror. watch

Decision 2115

Decision 2115

01/08/15 08:15PM

Steve takes the long view on this weekend and beyond – way beyond. Want to find out what’s in his time capsule? watch

What did Steve Scalise know?

What did Steve Scalise know?

01/04/15 08:59AM

Is Steve Scalise being up front about not knowing about the nature of the white supremacist group he gave a speech to in 2002? The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty and Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune join to discuss. watch

How one speech made Mario Cuomo a star

How one speech made Mario Cuomo a star

01/04/15 08:49AM

Mario Cuomo's 1984 speech at the Democratic National Convention gave him overnight "political immortality" and is a big part of his legacy. Former White House speechwriter Hendrik Hertzberg, who saw the speech in person, joins to discuss. watch


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