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The Cruz-Helms parallels

The Cruz-Helms parallels

09/15/13 08:42AM

The Up panel highlights similar themes between now-Senator Ted Cruz and then-Senator Jesse Helms in light of Cruz's recent comments that the U.S. could use... watch

US-Russia Syria Agreement-Sakuma- 09/14/13

Up: September 15

09/14/13 12:45PM

On Sunday's Up with Steve Kornacki, the panel will discuss the latest developments in Syria and the deal to destroy its chemical weapons, the legacy of Jesse Helms, the late Senator praised by Sen. Ted Cruz this week, how to run for President, and what Billie Jean King's victory in the legendary "Battle of the Sexes" tennis match still means to women's sports today. Joining Steve Kornacki at the table will be: Kate Nocera, capitol hill reporter, (@KateNocera) Philip Bump, writer, (@pbump) Amy Davidson, sr. editor, The New Yorker (@tnycloseread) read more


The GOP's chance to win over a city full of liberals

09/14/13 12:40PM

Republican candidate for New York City Mayor Joe Lhota joined Up with Steve Kornacki on Saturday to discuss his chances in a race that is widely expected to go to the Democratic nominee. While he supports the controversial "stop-and-frisk" policing program that was recently ruled unconstitutional by a judge, Lhota pointed out he agrees with progressives on social issues like abortion and marriage equality, wildly popular positions in the country's largest city. read more


Play along with Quizmaster 2000

09/14/13 12:38PM

How closely were you paying attention to what happened this week in politics? Do you know what the debt ceiling is set at right now? Do you have what it takes to play along with the Up with Steve Kornacki  game show Quizmaster 2000? Guests Molly Ball, Christina Bellantoni, and Perry Bacon Jr. put their knowledge to the test. They might know more about former candidates for New Jersey's open Senate seat that the average mall-goer, but are they any match for Steve's trivia knowledge? Find out in the video. read more