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up against the clock

Watch: Up Against the Clock

09/28/13 12:19PM

It's another action-packed installment of "UP Against the Clock," the most exciting game show you've ever seen on a Saturday at 9 a.m. On this week's installment, MSNBC contributor Jonathan Capeheart, The Guardian's Ana Marie Cox, and Salon's Joan Walsh compete to see who can measure up to Quizmaster Steve Kornacki's high trivia standards. Do you know which Breaking Bad actor is about to play a U.S. president? Which Hollywood star did Ted Cruz quote during his 21 hour speech this week? Find out if you have what it takes to win the gold UP mug and play along. read more


Obamacare still a mystery to many Americans

09/28/13 10:52AM

President Obama has spent three and a half years trying to explain his signature health care law to the American people, but the public still don't seem to know  how it's going to work. After yet another round of polls that found a majority of Americans don't support Obamacare (even if other polls show support for broader health care coverage), Up with Steve Kornacki took to the streets to find out what people know about the law on the eve of its implementation. What did people have to say, and what  the Up panel thinks it means? Watch the video and find out. read more


Angus King: GOP demands risk crashing global economy

09/28/13 10:49AM

Sen. Angus King, the Maine Independent, joined Up with Steve Kornacki to discuss the current state of budget negotiations, what Republican House members want in exchange for avoiding a government shutdown, and the coming fight over the debt ceiling. "They haven't asked for a statue of Ayn Rand on the Mall, but that's about it," King said of the GOP's demands. read more

What we now know this week

What we now know this week

09/28/13 09:55AM

The Up panel share what they now know at the end of this week including what everyone now thinks of Ted Cruz, President Barack Obama’s progress on... watch


Singer Carole King lobbies Sen. Crapo for background checks

09/26/13 01:32PM

Singer, songwriter and longtime Democratic activist Carole King is lobbying Senator Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, to support expanded background checks for gun purchases. Crapo voted against the Toomey-Manchin background checks legislation in April, but King continues to push her home-state senator to change his mind. "He voted for reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act," said King in an interview. "If you could vote for that act because of your conscience, your conscience should tell you to vote for gun safety, for background checks." read more