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E.g., 10/21/2014
Steve Kornacki with "Up Against the Clock" winner Brian Beutler.

We have a winner!

10/19/13 01:58PM

For the first time in UP Against the Clock's storied history, a contestant triumphed in the bonus round and took home the grand prize. read more

UP: Sunday October 20

10/19/13 12:47PM

Bipartisan budget negotiations: why will they end any differently this time? Steve and his panel will try to answer that. Breaking down Wednesday’s vote and the political incentives: who voted against it and why? And with a republican party this divided, is something gonna give?? History suggests it’s possible. Steve’s 19th century warning for the GOP… And Washington’s NFL franchise: the growing chorus for a name change. read more

UP: Saturday October 19

10/18/13 11:10AM

This Saturday on Up with Steve Kornacki, Steve and panel will look at the week that was and whether or not Ted Cruz (& Co.) will actually pay a political price for the shutdown and the subsequent republican reckoning. And you know it… you love it… America’s hit abbreviated game show, “UP Against the Clock” returns! read more