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LGBT athletes speak out

LGBT athletes speak out

01/11/14 10:19AM

Former NFL player Wade Davis, NBC Sports’ Anita Marks, former WNBA star Sue Wicks, and MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts join Up to discuss whether or not there’s a double standard between men and women when it comes to sexual orientation in the sports world. watch

Marijuana legalization seems to have momentum

Marijuana legalization seems to have momentum

01/05/14 10:40AM

Colorado became the first state in the country to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use. Steve Kornacki’s panelists look at the health and addiction consequences of legalization and what happens next in the movement to make marijuana... watch

The pundit class talks about pot experiences

The pundit class talks about pot experiences

01/05/14 10:31AM

Marijuana legalization in Colorado sparked opinionated minds around America to speak out and share their own marijuana stories. Steve Kornacki’s panelists continue their conversation and take a look at David Brooks’ recent column. watch

Sign liberalism in the Dem party is resurging

A sign liberalism in the Democratic Party is resurging

01/05/14 10:28AM

Beliefs that were recently pegged as “liberal” – being for gay marriage, for marijuana legalization, and against the Iraq war – are now considered more mainstream. The panelists look at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth... watch

Any reason Snowden would ever get clemency?

Any reason Edward Snowden would ever get clemency?

01/05/14 10:22AM

The most prominent editorial board in the country started off the year by asking for some form of clemency for Edward Snowden. But is there any reason to think President Obama would want to grant leniency to someone who stole countless secret, highly... watch

What life's like for Edward Snowden in Russia

What life is like for Edward Snowden in Russia

01/05/14 10:20AM

The panelists talk about what Edward Snowden’s life could be like in Russia, whether the Russian government is getting anything out of letting him stay, and the possibility of President Obama’s rhetoric on Edward Snowden ever changing. watch