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billie jean king

Bille Jean King, the athlete who became one of the 'greatest activists'

09/15/13 11:57AM

40 years ago this week, Billie Jean King beat Bobby Riggs in a tennis match billed as the "Battle of the Sexes." It's easy to think of it now as just a sports event, a gimmick but, at the time, it was a major moment in the fight for women's rights. On Up with Steve Kornacki, sports journalists Selena Roberts, Mike Pesca, and Susan Ware joined Kornacki to discuss how King's career and activism helped the movement for gender equality, and what still needs to be done. read more


The rules of running for president

09/15/13 11:29AM

It may be too early for most Americans to think about Election 2016, but it's undeniable that the possible candidates are getting ready. Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Joe Biden are some of the politicians who illustrate what you need to do if you want to run for President in the modern era. Steve Kornacki broke down what the new rules of the game Sunday. Have you written a book? Have you proven you've got what it takes to win big? Are you on what your opponents might call the fringe? Up with Steve Kornacki and the panelists break down a few rules of running for President for Dummies. read more

The Cruz-Helms parallels

The Cruz-Helms parallels

09/15/13 08:42AM

The Up panel highlights similar themes between now-Senator Ted Cruz and then-Senator Jesse Helms in light of Cruz's recent comments that the U.S. could use... watch