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Clintons made at least $30M in 16 months

Clintons made at least $30 million in 16 months

05/16/15 08:17AM

New financial disclosure forms show that Bill and Hillary Clinton earned $30 million in just the last 16 months. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports and the UP panelists discuss whether this could complicate Hillary Clinton’s working class message. watch

NTSB: Train may have been hit before...

NTSB: Train may have been hit before derailment

05/16/15 08:01AM

The NTSB says it is looking for video footage for a sign of a projectile hitting the train and they are bringing in the FBI. Msnbc’s Adam Reiss reports on the latest in the investigation and Steve Kornacki discusses with former NTSB Chairman Jim Hall. watch

The struggle to regulate big money in 2016

The struggle to regulate big money in 2016

05/10/15 09:37AM

The Chair of the Federal Election Commission recently said the agency's ability to regulate the money in politics is worse than dysfunctional. What's the best way to fight the culture of big money? FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub joins to discuss. watch

'War on poverty' under fire

'War on poverty' under fire

05/10/15 09:03AM

As the "war on poverty" goes into its second half century, is it time to rethink the approach? President of Save the Children Action Network Mark Shriver and Cecilia Munoz, White House Director of the Domestic Policy Council, weigh in. watch


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