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Up for August 18: What to know

08/17/13 11:45AM

On Sunday's Up with Steve Kornacki, we'll discuss the politics of crime and criminal justice in the wake of Eric Holder's new sentencing reforms. We'll also look at the rhetoric of "reaching across the aisle" and examine whether we are entering a post-post-partisan era. Finally, with the passing of journalist Jack... read more

New Jersey Senate candidate or Canadian pop icon? You decide!

08/17/13 11:07AM

Fewer than 10% of eligible New Jersey voters showed up to pick Newark mayor Cory Booker to be the Democratic candidate for the state’s open Senate seat. When Up host Steve Kornacki asked shoppers at a mall in Edison New Jersey, “Is this a New Jersey Senate candidate?” more people knew about celluloid canines Beethoven and Air Bud than... read more

A tearful town hall exchange with John McCain

A tearful town hall exchange with John McCain

08/17/13 09:47AM

At a recent town hall in Arizona, Sen. John McCain consoled a woman who asked a question about Medicaid cuts, and McCain reassured her, “you’re not a taker.” The panelists look at why the GOP has arrived at a point where they need to make these points... watch

The obstacles facing black candidates

The obstacles facing black candidates

08/17/13 09:17AM

Cory Booker moved closer to joining the Senate with a blowout victory in New Jersey's Democratic primary. But when it comes to statewide office, the feeder system for national office, Booker's story remains the exception. Democratic New York... watch

De Blasio: ‘This is not the New York City...

De Blasio: ‘This is not the New York City of 1993’

08/17/13 09:00AM

Progressives across the country are setting their sights on Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio. De Blasio joins the Up with Steve panel to talk about how “stop-and-frisk” would be different under his administration, his son’s... watch

Republicans reevaluate at strategic retreat

Republicans reevaluate at strategic retreat

08/17/13 08:51AM

In Boston, the Republican National Committee wrapped up its annual meeting, its first official gathering since they released their own autopsy report after the 2012 election. Steve Kornacki’s panel explores the party’s decision to ban CNN and NBC from... watch

The newest threat gaining steam on the right

The newest threat gaining steam on the right

08/17/13 08:38AM

Republican party leaders have been trying to coax the Tea Party crowd out of staging a shutdown fight over Obamacare because it would be too politically risky and economically calamitous. So now, the Tea Party is talking up forcing a debt ceiling fight... watch

What realistic options does US have with...

What realistic options does US have with Egypt?

08/17/13 08:16AM

The brutality in Cairo prompted President Obama to cancel joint military exercises with Egypt planned for next month, a rebuke of Egypt's military leaders. Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham have urged the administration to suspend assistance to the... watch


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