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E.g., 11/27/2014
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June 1: Guns, GOP Extremists, Anthony Weiner

05/31/13 04:23PM

On Saturday's episode of Up with Steve Kornacki, we will revisit the gun debate and talk about how the most extreme wing of the Republican party is hurting the GOP's chances in swing states. We'll also spend time talking about Anthony Weiner and how he's managed to resurrect his political career. Joining Steve at 8 AM ET on Saturday will be: Shannyn Moore, columnist Anchorage Daily News (@shannynmoore) Alec MacGillis, senior editor, The New Republic (@Alec MacGillis) Howard Wolfson, Deputy Mayor, NYC (@howiewolf) State Rep. Charles Armstrong (D-Arkansas) read more

The broader push for tax reform

The broader push for tax reform

05/26/13 09:44AM

Steve Kornacki and the Up panel looks back at President Obama's requests to "simply the system" and "get rid of the loopholes" in order to attain a lower corporate tax rate and wonders if Congress will ever push to tax overseas corporate profits - and... watch

Apple takes creative license with tax code

Apple takes creative license with tax code

05/26/13 09:13AM

Steve Kornacki hashes out Apple's workarounds of the U.S. tax code and how big business is working the tax system. Matthew Yglesias from Slate, Ylan Mui of The Washington Post, Frank Clemente of Americans For Tax Fairness, and Columbia University's... watch

Immigration reform pits Democrats against...

Immigration reform pits Democrats against each other

05/26/13 08:40AM

Sen. Leahy's amendment for same-sex couples endangered the future of the immigration reform bill - and so it was abandoned, putting pro-LGBT rights groups and pro-immigration reform groups within the Democratic Party at odds with one another. Chris... watch